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Music 2b(B)-7th grade Assignments

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solfeggio, scale, and note in Google Classroom

solfeggio, scale, and note

Please complete the following two work sheets in class. If you are not here physically to work on these, please print them or annotate on the pdf and hand in.

solfeggio, scale, and note has the guide to find the answers. 214 is extra practice.
Created by John Garland: Wednesday, January 6 7:59 AM


Optional Resources in Google Classroom

Optional Resources

1. Groove pizza allows you to create beats, be sure to really explore this one.

2. Music RE-MIX STUDIO allows you to mix the levels like an audio engineer.

3. Note Flight allows you to create music scores. If you know how to read music at all, this is a great tool to explore (free sign up required - use school email).

4. Chrome music labs SONG MAKER

5. Online Sequencer

6. is a mega resource for lessons, exercises, and tools.
Created by John Garland: Wednesday, January 13 8:58 AM


Quarter 2 research project in Google Classroom

Quarter 2 research project

- Choose one of the assignment options listed below.
- The report should be 3 paragraphs in length. (About 10-15 sentences total)
- You should cite at least two references. MLA format is best for this. (Tell me where you got the information, like a work cited page or bibliography)
- Plagiarism is ALWAYS unacceptable, so no "copy/paste."
- Please use proper grammar and spelling.

Assignment Options

1. Write a report on Broadway musicals. You could include the history of musicals, major composers, major productions, styles, and staging differences. Talk about your
favorite parts and why.

2. Write a report on a popular singer or band. Talk about how they got their start in music and discuss one of their songs in detail. Talk about the meaning of the song
but also about any musical details: rhythm, instruments, chords, etc.

3. Write a report on a movie musical you've seen, such as West Side Story, Hairspray, High School Musical, Phantom of the Opera, Guys and Dolls, Wizard of Oz, etc. Be sure to include information about the characters, performers, composer, plot, and music.

4. Choose a famous composer and write an essay about his or her life, contributions to music, and important compositions. (Think Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Bach Mozart, Vivaldi, etc) OR CHOOSE A FEMALE COMPOSER, because their are many, just underrepresented in history.

5. Write a report about the importance of vocal health. Describe the vocal mechanism and explain how to remain in good vocal health. Discuss the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of taking care of your voice.

6. Choose a career in music (examples include: music teacher, music producer, sound engineer, professional instrumentalist or singer, etc) to research and write a report about necessary skills for this job, training, employment possibilities, salary, and job responsibilities.
Created by John Garland: Monday, November 23 7:22 PM


Christmas rhythm in Google Classroom

Christmas rhythm

Replace the lyrics: Replace the "gift" Use the correct amount of syllables to keep the rhythm correct.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
My TEACHER gave to me:

Twelve -drummers drumming, 4
Eleven -pipers piping, 4
Ten -lords a-leaping, 4
Nine -ladies dancing, 4
Eight -maids a-milking, 4
Seven -swans a-swimming, 4
Six -geese a-laying, 4
Five -golden rings! 3
Four -calling birds, 3
Three -French hens, 2
Two -turtle doves, 3
And a -partridge in a pear tree. 6


Created by John Garland: Wednesday, December 9 8:28 AM


TedEd videos and fun links in Google Classroom

TedEd videos and fun links

DONT DO THIS UNTIL I ASK, or if you're out from class for an extended period.

Please choose TWO of the following videos.

1. Look at the Inquiry based learning questions below.
2. Watch the videos.
You can also scroll through the questions in the “THINK” section and see if you would be able to answer them correctly. (sign in required, so don’t actually answer).
Check out the “DIG DEEPER” section.

3. Write a 4-5 sentence paragraph (MLA format) for both options you choose, summarizing what you learned in the video, why you choose that video, and what surprised you in the video.

OPTIONS: I left two links per video incase

MUSIC AS A LANGUAGE (I love the narrator in this one- he is one of my favorite bass players)



Initial questions
 What do you already know about this?
 What else do you see/hear?
 What are you wondering about it? / What do you want to find out?
 Is it like anything you have encountered before?
 How could we look for some answers?
 Where should we start?
 What do we need to know before we can start?
 Why does it matter? Why are we learning this?

Questions for once process is started
 What else do we need to complete this?
 What are your most important questions?
 What goals will you set for your learning?

Reflective and ending questions
 How can you support your conclusion? What evidence do you have?
 How has your thinking changed?
 What problems did you run into?
 How does this compare to what you had expected?
 Are there other possibilities you should have considered?
 How will you apply this learning to another experience?
 Why is it important for you to understand this?
 How can you explain this to someone else?
 What was your biggest challenge in the process?


Created by John Garland: Wednesday, November 4 8:19 AM