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Español 5-3b - Mr. McClellan Assignments

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Past Assignments


Thanksgiving Day activity

Please check Google Classroom for the Thanksgiving Day activity I assigned in class.
¡Feliz día de Acción de Gracias!
Sra. Hernández
Created by Mónica Hernández: Tuesday, November 24 3:22 PM


Day of the Dead Booklet

(Please go to Google Classroom for attachments)
¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?
Today in class we learned about the "Day of the Dead" Mexican celebration that takes place every November 2nd. We watched a video clip that summarizes what this holiday is about: remembering our loved ones that have passed away, in a very dear and special way.
People prepare "altares de muertos" and place elements that represent something specific. We learned about those elements with the booklet we made in class (Attached for absent students).
Your homework for next week class (November 13th) is to finish coloring and decorating this booklet. Remember that Mexican art is always very bright and colorful! Also, read it to your family to share what you learned about this important festivity.
Have a great weekend... ¡Feliz Halloween y Feliz día de los Muertos!
Sra. Hernández
Created by Mónica Hernández: Thursday, October 29 11:19 AM


Los Cognados - Cognate Words

¡Hola estudiantes!
Remember this week we will have Spanish on Thursday and... you have homework!
Please complete the "BFF's en la clase" Cognates Booklet if you didn't finish in class. I have attached the video in case you need to watch it again ( After you complete the information (all pages except page 5), cut it out, put in order by page, then staple on the left to create the booklet. Bring it with you to class.
You also need to complete the matching English - Spanish cognate worksheet and bring it to class.
¡Hasta pronto!
Sra. Hernández
Created by Mónica Hernández: Monday, October 26 2:15 PM


"Saludos y despedidas" songs.

Please look for the assignment in Google Classroom for "Saludos y despedidas"
Created by Mónica Hernández: Friday, October 9 3:28 PM


El alfabeto - practice

Practice the Spanish Alphabet with the songs and videos I posted today in Google Classroom. Then play the games on the link for about 20 minutes for extra practice. When done, mark this assignment in Google Classroom as "turned in" so I can see that you completed it.
¡Hasta pronto!
Sra. Hernandez
Created by Mónica Hernández: Friday, October 2 3:20 PM


5 Reasons to learn Spanish

Please watch again the video that we watched in class "Why learn Spanish?" and take notes of important facts or reasons to learn Spanish.
As homework, you will create a poster with the construction paper I gave you to highlight the reasons (at least 5) that are most important to you for learning Spanish. For example, "Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world". Title your poster "5 reasons to learn Spanish". Decorate it with pictures or drawings of things that make reference to the Hispanic culture, such as sombreros, maracas, guitars, Our Lady of Guadalupe, catus, flags, famous hispanics, etc. Everything in the hispanic culture is very colorful and bright. Make sure your poster reflects that.
You need to bring your poster to class next Friday, October 2nd.
Created by Mónica Hernández: Friday, September 25 1:02 PM


"Todo sobre mi" and "All about Mexico" assignments

¡Hola queridos estudiantes! Hello dear students!
It was great to finally meet you today in Spanish class. Attached you will find the two assignments that you need to turn in next Friday, September 25th. I gave them out today in class, so if you were absent you can print them out and turn them in.
1) Todo sobre mi- All about me. You got this one from Mrs. Raichlin on September 11th, but if you haven't finished it, you still have time to work on in and turn it in next Friday. I'm also attaching the vocabulary pages that she went over in class for you to complete it.
2) All about Mexico booklet. If you were absent you can print it at home in black and white, or get one from me next week when you walk by my classroom. You need to cut the pages out, color them and staple on the side to create a booklet. The page numbers are on the bottom right corner.
¡Que tengan excelente fin de semana! Have a great weekend!
Sra. Hernandez
Created by Mónica Hernández: Friday, September 18 3:14 PM