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Music 2b(A)-7th grade Assignments

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Busy work! in Google Classroom

Busy work!

For down time or between Ukulele time

Name piano note:
Find piano note from treble clef staff:

Rhythm Quiz:
What instrument is playing?

Created by John Garland: Wednesday, April 21 2:58 PM


Journal Entry for week of April 12 (to do in class) in Google Classroom

Journal Entry for week of April 12 (to do in class)

Music performance requires a student to develop skills, both to physically play the instrument and skills to understand how to read notes or numbers and charts.  

1. How are these skills related to sports?  
2 .How are the related to language arts? 
3. How are they related to STEM (science/tech/engineering/math)?
Created by John Garland: Wednesday, April 7 9:11 AM


Music Technology in Google Classroom

Music Technology

1. Review study guide.

2. JOURNAL ENTRY: Use a CLASS comment on this assignment page so we can have a discussion and see other students' ideas.

List a few positive and few negative impacts
that technology has (or will have) on music.

Think about this from different points of view. As a student, adult, professional, etc.

Consumers buy recordings, subscribe to streaming services, go to concerts, take lessons, etc.
Industry professionals; like producers, performers, writers, retailers, etc., provide the content and availability for consumers in different roles. Like creation, recording, making available on media, publishing, promoting, selling.
Created by John Garland: Wednesday, March 3 11:34 AM


8th and 16th note pop beats in Google Classroom

8th and 16th note pop beats

Stand by...

This lesson is best performed in class. If you miss this class please private comment and I will catch up with you.
Created by John Garland: Wednesday, February 3 2:51 PM


Rhythm first! in Google Classroom

Rhythm first!

In order to write drum beats and use online sequencer tools, we need to read some basic rhythms.
Quarter notes and eight notes are two very common notes.

1. Please review this lesson:

2. Then take these two quizzes:

3. Review the common patterns PDF

4. Use a class comment to share something you learned during this lesson. (You can say something simple, or elaborate on what you learned and how you might use that knowledge)
Created by John Garland: Monday, January 25 6:38 PM


Journal Entry 1 in Google Classroom

Journal Entry 1

Please use a PRIVATE COMMENT to respond. Once you send the comment, please "turn in" or "mark as done."


1. If you were able to choose the lesson or topic, what would you like to learn about in Music Class?
2. READ the inquiry based questions below and tell me what you already know about the lessons or topics you want to learn about.
(This journal entry should be 2-3 complete sentences)

 What do you already know about this?
 What are you wondering about it, or what do you want to find out?
 Is it like anything you have encountered before?
 How could we look for some answers, and where should we start?
 Why does it matter or why are we learning this?
 What needs, questions, or goals do I have?
 How has your thinking changed?
 What problems did you run into?
 How does this compare to what you had expected?
 Are there other possibilities you should have considered?
 How will you apply this learning to another experience?
 Why is it important for you to understand this?
 How can you explain this to someone else?
 What was your biggest challenge in the process?
Created by John Garland: Wednesday, January 20 2:59 PM