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8th grade announcements Assignments

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Oct 5 Agenda

We reviewed in class today for the Module 7 test. Check Google Classroom for a new post with study videos on your notes and the Gimkit game link. To study, make sure to review notes for lessons 1, 2, and 3, as well as vocab words. You can you the posted videos, crossword study guide, and homework reflections as additional help. Also practicing writing the essay is a good idea! Please email if you have any questions. 
Created by Melissa Flasck: Monday, October 5 2:43 PM


Sept 21 agenda

In class today, we took the 6.3 test. Then we did notes for 7.1. Our test for chapter 7 is on October 2. There is no homework today.
Created by Melissa Flasck: Monday, September 21 2:13 PM


8th grade announcement paper due

Students have a paper about this 8th grade announcements page that needs to be signed and returned by Monday or Tuesday in social studies class. We have had a great first week and look forward to next week. Remember that tomorrow we have no school so teachers can assess how the week went and what we can improve on.
Created by Melissa Flasck: Thursday, August 27 5:28 PM