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Mrs. Ritchie 5th Grade Assignments

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Quarter 1 Book Report in Google Classroom

Quarter 1 Book Report

As part of our reading curriculum, you will be assigned a quarterly book report. These reports are to encourage you to read books, finish books, try different genres, complete a creative project, and present your project to the class. Each quarter, you will be responsible for reading a novel from the approved list of genres and complete an activity from the following list of projects. Students are expected to read their novel independently at home and during school. You will have DEAR time everyday, and you can also read your chosen novel when you complete your classwork. You may complete any project from the list, but you cannot repeat a project. By the end of the year, you will have read four different novels and have completed four out of the seven projects. Each book report is worth a test grade in reading. You will be graded on the completeness of your project, along with the time and effort you put into the project, creativity, and brief presentation of your project.
Created by Meghan Ritchie: Wednesday, August 26 9:10 PM


Vocabulary Word Squares in Google Classroom

Vocabulary Word Squares

Students pick six out of the twelve vocabulary words to complete. Please pick the six words that are the toughest for you to comprehend. Word Squares are due the following Thursday. Students decide what day to work on this ongoing homework assignment. All squares must be complete for full credit.
Created by Meghan Ritchie: Monday, August 31 2:28 PM


Summer Math Packet in Google Classroom

Summer Math Packet

Don't forget to bring your summer math packet to school tomorrow so that you can earn a non-uniform slip :)
Created by Meghan Ritchie: Monday, August 24 11:34 PM


Student Daily Health Screening in Google Classroom

Student Daily Health Screening

Please follow this daily link or use the QR code to check your child in Daily.
Created by Meghan Ritchie: Friday, August 21 4:30 PM