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Religion Grade 6-1(A,C)

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Religion final exam

The Religion finals will be held during a regular class period and not on the Final Exam Days. The exam will be on the Trivia for 3rd and 4th quarters.
6-1AC, 3AC, 4AC - Monday, 5/24
6-4BD - Tuesday, 5/25
8-2BD, 3BD - Tuesday, 5/25

Mass Leadership change-Demarco 6-4AC leadership for Friday, 4/23 Mass

All sixth graders are to wear Mass uniforms Friday, 4/23/21

All Sixth Graders must wear Mass Uniforms Friday, March 19th

Students should be sure to get a mass uniform if they do not have one.

Trivia Test Quarter 2, Grade 6-Jan. 15, 2021

The test is on all trivia for the quarter and will be matching

Mass Leadership 2020-2021

Grade 6 - 4AC    4-23-2021
Grade 6 - 3AC     3-19-2021
Grade 6 - 1AC     6-9-2021
Grade 6 - 4BD     5-28-2021
Grade 8 - 2BD    1-15-2021
Grade 8 - 3BD     4-30-2021

Ch. 1 test Friday, Sept. 18, 2020 (Gr. 6)

Closed book. Study all notes, vocab and highlighted text. No trivia is on the test.