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Tamara Warburton named Teacher of The Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Tamara Warburton, our 2019 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Warburton was honored by the Archdiocese of Detroit, at a banquet, where she accepted her award from AOD Superintendent,
Kevin Kijewski. Mrs. Warburton makes teaching seventh and eighth
grade religion a journey to know, love, and serve Christ through her unfailing love of her students and the Christ child she sees in each of them. Mrs. Warburton’s personal testimony to her relationship with Christ is tantamount to her instilling in each student a love of Christ. Through various meditation exercises, music, personal prayer services, and other unique and holy experiences, the students in Mrs. Warburton’s classroom revel in the joy, peace, and love they find there. She finds a way to tailor each lesson, each song, reflection, or memorization so that each student can enjoy success. Through her loving and all inclusive classroom, the students find love, find Christ, and find a resourceful, unflagging and devoted teacher. May God bless Mrs. Warburton for all she does for our students!
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Closing Liturgy

Today was the last day of school and our Closing Liturgy. It was a wonderful celebration. A student representative from each grade processed into church with their class candle. We were blessed to have Monsignor Mike, Fr. Stan, and Fr. Tom con-celebrate Mass with us. Monsignor Mike encouraged the children to "Do a little bit of studying, visit a new church while on vacation, enjoy some free time and stay close to Jesus". We ask for God's blessing upon our entire school community and wish everyone a safe and happy summer!
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Order School Supplies For Next Year

Parents may now order school supply packs online for the 2019/20 school year through a new provider for our school, The Write Stuff. Packs are available for every grade and will include supplies specific to their grade, containing the majority of the items specified by the teachers. School supply kits must be ordered online by June 15th to have them shipped for free to the school, for pick-up on August 14th from the South Campus. Kits may also be ordered through July 20th to be sent directly to your house (shipping fees will be added). Please note that prices increase by 10% after June 15th so order early.
Click this link to get started with your order and eliminate the worry of buying school supplies over the summer!!
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Rosary for Peace

We Invite your family to join us in praying the Rosary for Peace during the month of May. Pray a minimum of 4 Rosaries in four weeks. Click on the link for all the details. “Pray the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world and the end of the war.” Our Lady of Fatima
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Students of the Month

Congratulations to our Middle School Students of the Month! Sixth Grade: Elizabeth T. and Ryan W. Seventh Grade: Domenic J. and Alyssa M. Eighth Grade: Caitlin C. and George G. We are proud of these students who have worked hard and deserve to be recognized. Students are chosen by mutual selection of teachers and meet overall school goals of academic excellence, strong character and consistent effort.
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“Peace Begins With Me, Let Christ’s Light Shine”

Our theme this year will focus on fairness, compassion, empathy, and justice. We will strive to form our minds into becoming Peacemakers who have order, who are content, optimistic, caring, loving and who look out for others. A Peacemaker will work through conflicts and not just talk about them. They will seek out people who can help make a difference and who will cooperatively work together to be part of the solution. Peacemakers make a positive difference in nonjudgmental ways that help build up others. Anger and mean-spirited behaviors are never part of a Peacemakers way. Peacemakers are friendly, helpful, and bring people together. They can see and understand the bigger picture around them.
All of us at every age need to reflect on how we act to make sure we are capable of being a Peacemaker. First and foremost, we are people of God. We are his people who hold His light within us. We are commissioned to spread His Word and love.
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