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Holy Family Regional School

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Holy Family's First School Principal

Meet Holy Family's first school Principal, Sister Susan Stockwell. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Susan Stockwell, a Sister of St. Joseph for 42 years. Susan shared many memories of her time at Holy Family. Before Holy Family even opened one of the founding families gave Susan a car. She remembers taking the entire staff to lunch for a meeting, all six of them fit in the car together!
Susan spoke about the first day of school, she said, "It was a good feeling, I remember walking around, everyone was very happy to be there. There were 100 children over six grades." She fondly remembers the children being "happy, sweet and really good kids." Some things never change at Holy Family! Over her four years as Principal, Susan watched Holy Family grow and remembers graduating the first class in 1983.
After leaving Holy Family, Susan was a teacher at St. Benedict and later a hospital chaplain. Susan Stockwell left the order in 2007 to care for her sister who was ill. She is retired and currently living in Marysville, Michigan. We are grateful to Susan for her leadership at Holy Family, bringing children closer to God and setting the foundation for our success.