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On This Day 40 Years Ago, Holy Family Opened Its Doors

40 years ago today Holy Family School opened its doors. There is no better way to kick off our new “Throwback Thursday“ series highlighting 40 years of memories at HFRS. We are grateful for the classic footage capturing the events of that historical day, September 3, 1980. As you watch the video you will notice many changes that have occurred over 40 years, but you will also see and hear how much has truly remained the same. We are thrilled to celebrate this special day and would like to thank the original parents who came together to do “Whatever it takes” to provide a Catholic education for grade school children in the Rochester area 40 years ago!

“We Know the Greatness of our God”

This year our theme is, “We Know the Greatness of our God.” We are dedicated to recognizing the greatness of God and celebrating what he has done for us. 40 years ago God spoke to parents in our community and told them to gather and provide a Catholic school for his children. They listened and they got to work. They built Holy Family Regional School with Jesus as the foundation. God continues to bless our school and Holy Family family and together we will shout the greatness of God through prayer worship and praise. We stand in awe and wonder… all the honor is yours, Jesus Christ!
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