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Mrs. Teresa Kober » Welcome to 8th Grade and 7th Grade Literature with Mrs. Kober

Welcome to 8th Grade and 7th Grade Literature with Mrs. Kober

"Jesus Christ loves you; he gave his life to save you; and now he is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen and free you." Pope Francis
It has been a blessing to be a member of Holy Family family!  What a privilege!  Each day is a new miracle of hope, promise, and joy.
I am grateful to all of the families who have touched my life by their generosity, spirit, and  faith--in action, in prayer, in support. 
It is my greatest desire to help ready the students of Holy Family by helping them realize their gifts, talents, and self-worth,  and by helping them develop as leaders: men and women of great faith and commitment dedicated to serving God by being the best they can be and trusting in God's plan for them. 


Oz Rehearsal Feb. 18-March 9 2020 UpdatedII 3

Good Morning!
I hope that you are all enjoying your snow day!
Attached is the rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks. 
Please note that there is a parent meeting scheduled after rehearsal on Friday, Feb. 21. Looking forward to discussing costumes, chairpersons, committees, and all things OZ related! 
Thank you for your continued patience and support! 
God bless you.

Magical Land of Oz Announcements

Dear Parents and Students,


     Due to several conflicts, the rehearsal scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 11th,  has been cancelled.


All the other rehearsals for the week are not affected by this cancellation.


     On another note: if you can spare some time during school hours this week, Tuesday AM (not PM)  through Friday, we would really appreciate an inventory of costume pieces we have and props that we can use for our production of OZ. We will be adding new pieces, of course, but we have many costume pieces that will be useful in this show.


     If you can spare some time during school hours to come in and count costume pieces and props we have for our cast, it would be most appreciated. Please email me or call me. Tuesday through Friday are available except for Tuesday afternoon when there is a program in the multi-purpose room. Thank you!


     Costumes: We need a Cowardly Lion costume. Does your Halloween collection have one or do you know someone who has a lovable lion costume we could borrow? Or are you a seamstress with an Oscar-big desire to put your costuming skills to good use and would love to sew a costume for our lion, please contact me asap.


     Signup Genius: if you have some time and could help us put together a signup genius for chairpersons and volunteers, please let me know. We would like to have everything ready for Feb. 19th.


     Thank you for all of your support and cooperation. The students are doing a great job and the show is coming together very nicely.


     Thank you!


     God bless you,

          Terri Kober and Melissa Flasck

Costume Inventory Request

Dear Parents, 
Before we make the final decisions on the costuming for this show, we need to have an inventory of costume pieces that we may use for this year. 
If you and a friend could spare some time this week to inverntory props and costume pieces, it would be a tremendous help for the show. 
The stage is open and available every day from 8:00- 3:30 when we will be on stage for rehearsal. 
Thank you, Parents, for all you are doing to help Oz come to life. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
God bless and have a great day!
Terri Kober and Melissa Flasck

Rehearsal, Tuesday, Feb. 11-Cancelled!

Due to multiple conflicts with several cast members schedule for rehearsal on Tuesday, Feb. 11th, the rehearsal has been cancelled. 
No rehearsal on Tuesday, Feb. 11th. 
Thank you!

Rehearsal Updates RE: Snow Days

Good Afternoon, Parents and Students!


Here is where we stand for rehearsal tomorrow and almost every time Mother Nature decides to interfere with our schedule.  We will not go back and recoup those days immediately. We will pick up the schedule where we are; therefore, we will follow the Friday, Jan. 24th, schedule.

Tomorrow we will follow Friday’s schedule. This includes Hazel, Robin, Marian, Mother Mary and all the sisters listed or added to the cast list posted outside my classroom, Little John, Sayra, Friar Tuck, Sam, Ellen, and Helen.

The scenes and pages scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday will be picked up later next week and the week following.


1) Thank you to all the parents who let me know of your student’s schedules and conflicts. I try to keep the kids in mind, but we have lots of conflicts and many pages to block and songs to learn. I apologize if your son or daughter is scheduled on a day with a conflict.


If your son or daughter cannot attend rehearsal, even if you informed me beforehand of a regularly scheduled conflict, it is very helpful if you could please tell me asap if possible—even the day of. Despite all good intentions, I may not have remembered, and it helps with adjusting the rehearsal schedule to best use the students who are there.


When a student just leaves on a day when he or she is scheduled and does not tell me personally or via email, it leaves me and the cast in a bind. Thank you for your consideration.


2) All the rehearsals begin after dismissal and end at 6:00 P.M.  Sometime in early March, we will extend the time. But for now, we will end rehearsals at 6:00 P.M.

3) Our rehearsals are a NO PHONE ZONE. The students will not be permitted to use their phones during rehearsals. If they need to contact you or receive a confirmation about transportation, they will need to contact Mrs. Flasck or myself for permission to use their phone between dismissal and 3:45 to check their phones for texts or updates if needed.   We have much to do and the phones are a big distraction. If you need to talk with them sooner, please let your son or daughter know a time frame.

If your son or daughter is not needed on stage, they will have time to complete homework, catch up on their reading for lit, or study for up-coming tests. We feel that this is a positive way to use the time available during rehearsal to accomplish some work or help with the show or run lines.


4) Next week information will be coming home about various committees that will need your help to costume the cast, design scenery and backdrop, and monitoring during the rehearsals. Thank you to those of you who have already spoken up to assist with this show.


5) Although the costumes are the responsibility of the student and family, we do try to design costumes and costume components so that it is doable and/or get the help you need to get the costume made or pulled together. The costume requirements will be sent out on Monday, Feb. 4. We will need parents to help organize the costumes and costume pieces for the various ensembles (chorus groups) and our principles. You do not need to sew but organizing a group and being a contact person with an ensemble is very helpful. Your students will be given their ensemble roles and assignments on Tuesday, Jan. 29th, at the full cast rehearsal.




Finally, the students have really embraced the show and have done a remarkable job already learning some of the songs. Rockin’ Robin Hood is a very dynamic and lively show, but they are very talented and will be ready!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and cooperation in producing this show and in providing the students with this opportunity to grow, make new friends, build confidence, and make lasting skills and memories that we hope will serve them well in high school and beyond. Keep us in your prayers. Thank you for all you do!
          May God hold you and your families in the palm of His hand.



                                                            Terri Kober and Melissa Flasck


Performance dates:


Friday and Saturday,

March 22, 23, 2019

Students arrive at 6:00

Curtain is at 7:30



March 24, 2019

Students arrive at 1:00

          Curtain is at 2:30

The Cast and Crew Party follows the last performance. Details to follow sign-ups.

General conduct form

Hi Parents,

This is the General Conduct form your child will receive from his/her Homeroom teacher.  This form reflects your child's overall conduct on campus, focusing on the times we are not in the classroom.  Please note, students are expected to "Meet Expectations" in each area.  Any item "Needs Improvement" will begin to lower the General Conduct grade from an A.  One "Needs Improvement" is a B, two become a C, and 3 will equal a D.  This will also apply to receiving the Dress Down Day slips for Conduct/Effort.  We wanted to make you aware of this change prior to the end of the card marking.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hondzinski

Send photos for Snow White DVD to Susan Boyd:

Good Morning!
If you have photographs that you would like to have included in the Snow White,  please send them to
Thank you to everyone who has placed an order for a DVD. If you missed the deadline, there's still hope. Please get the order to me asap. Check made out to Susan Boyd.
Thank you for your support and cooperation.
God bless you and your family.

Report times for Sat. and Sun. and CAST AND CREW PARTY REMINDER

Congratulations on a terrific Opening Night performance. Bravo!
Looking forward to another fine show and seeing everyone  tonight, Saturday,  at 6:00 for make-up and warm-up!
Reporting time for Sunday is 1:00, with curtain at 2:30. The Cast and Crew Party follows immediately after strike (our time to return the classrooms to normal and put set pieces away). The party will be in the cafetorium. Please pick up your son or daughter at 6:30. 
If you can help after Sunday's performance to  stack chairs and prepare the space for the party, it would be most appreciated!
A DVD order form is coming home today, will be available at the box office, and at school. Deadline line for ordering is Monday, April 9th. Return your order to Mrs. Kober at school. The DVD is $10.00 and will include the entire Sunday performance, photos of the students, and a case. Checks should be made out to Susan Boyd, Videographer. Additional photos you may have taken can be submitted to Susan Boyd for inclusion in the DVD. 
Thank you for your continued help and support of this big endeavor! We are very proud of the entire Cast and Crew of Rockin' Tale of Snow White.
God bless you.

Thursday and Friday dress code...

Hi Parents, Cast, and Crew, 
Just a reminder that the students are going to Mass tomorrow before we run through a couple numbers and get ready for our Open Dress Rehearsal on Thursday afternoon.
We are blessed to be able to go to Mass together. Students may wear their play shirts and jeans, khakis, or school pants, but leggings are not permitted, and because we are going to Mass, the students should not wear sweatpants to church. 
Our Open Dress tomorrow will be a good rehearsal for us as we prepare for our Opening Night, Friday, March 23, at 7:30. Students should go home after our second dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon to rest and get some good food, but they should report back at 6:00 to get in make-up, warm-up, and organize their costumes. 
We ask that the students report on Friday and Saturday night at 6:00, and on Sunday, we'd like them to report to school at 1:00 P.M., our curtain on Sunday, March 25, is 2:30.
The cast and crew party is after our final performance on Sunday after we strike the chairs and equipment in the cafetorium and return the classrooms back to normal. We will begin the party around 5:00, and it will be over at 6:30. The students are happy to celebrate their accomplishments, but they are usually ready to leave at that time.
Thank you ahead of time to the parents who can stay after the afternoon performance to help put chairs away and get ready for the party.
Thank you to the parents who are planning the Cast and Crew Party!
Thank you to Mrs. Shahmurad for volunteering to take the orders for the DVD of the show. Mrs. Susan Boyd will be our videographer. She has done a great job for us in the past. She will gladly add any additional pictures you'd like to share with her and the rest of the class. She creates a very nice montage of the pictures parents and students send. A form will be coming home on Friday, each DVD comes with its own case and is only $10.00. Please make the check out to Susan Boyd. This information is also on the order form.
Finally, thank you, Parents,  for all you have done throughout this rehearsal process to help us get ready for this big weekend. We are so proud of the students and know that they will do a very fine job!
May God hold you and your family in the palm of His hand.

A Snow White Update

Thank you, Parents, for all of your work and assistance with Rockin' Snow White.  We could not do the 8th grade play without you! 
We do have a couple of needs for the show:
1)Grommet Maker and Grommets to prepare a small background for the show.
2)ARMY JACKET OR SHIRT--FATIGUES: DARK BROWN, OLIVE, BLACK CAMOUFLAGE.  We have three and could use one more piece.
3) The wardrobe checks went well last week. We will officially check woodland animals on Monday. 
Thank you again for making a difference.
Please look for a schedule for this upcoming week this weekend.
Thank you again for the extras: extra trips to school, extra time for costumes or travel, extra food, and extra patience. God bless you!

A few costumes needs and costume parade dates.

Dear Parents, 
As the show date is approaching, we have had some specific costume needs arise. Can you help?
      1)We thought we had enough tulle skirts for the whole flower chorus, but we find that we are short 11 skirts. 
These are very simple tulle skirts: three layers of tulle folded in half with  a stitch at the fold to create a one-inch waistband through which we will thread ribbon to tie the skirt with a bow.
I have samples in my room. We have 7, but need 18. 
One long hem will do it.
Can you help? Please let me know. Perhaps we could have  a sew-in during one of the rehearsals. 
Thank you in advance for your help!
We will reimburse you for the tulle and ribbon purchase. 
Is there one flower mom who would be able to assist and oversee this project?
     2) We have Combat Princes in the show, and we need one or two more shirts or jackets that look like Army fatigues. Do you have a camo jacket or shirt that might help with our G.I. Joes?  Thank you.
     3) The ladies-in-waiting could use one more dress. If you have a bridesmaid dress or a prom dress that might be fitting for a princess, could you please send it in. Thank you.
     4) Our Prince Charming Men need black capes. We have one, but could use three more if you have a spare black cape in your dress-up box that we could borrow, that would be great. 
The costume parade is a chance for the directors and costume chairs to oversee the ensembles and check if everyone has the right costume or if we can help dress up the outfit.  If your son/daughter will not have their whole costume complete on the day of their parade, please just send in a note that a costume is in the works and will be ready by Tuesday, March 20.
The dates are the following:
Wednesday, March 14  Villagers should bring their costumes, including the 
                                      the shoes they intend to wear.
Thursday, March 15      Principals should bring their costumes including 
                                      shoes, shawls, wraps, etc.
Friday, March 16           Woodland creatures should have their costumes
                                      and be prepared to wear them on stage for review.
Thank you very much for all you are doing behind the scenes to help Snow White and Co. 
Finally, I need a person or two who can type up the program for the show. The information will be ready to be typed on Monday, March 19th. Mrs. Lelli has artwork and photos to add to the program, but we need someone to type up and format it. If you have experience with this type of word processing and can lend a hand, it would be most appreciated. 
Thank you for your help!
God bless you, 
Mrs. Kober

Rehearsal Schedule March 5-March 21

Hello Parents and Cast and Crew of Rockin' Snow White,
My apologies for not distributing it in class. The entire schedule will be sent home with the students on Monday and will be attached to the email addresses for the Class of 2018. 
Monday, March 5th, all students who are villagers and in the "Have You Heard" song which opens Act II have a very important rehearsal. Mother, Peggy Sue, and Josh do not need to attend.
Tuesday, March 6, the Queen, Mirror, Snow White, Dwarves, DNR Rep, Ribbon, Peddler, Comb Peddler, Head Villager, Fruit Peddler, and Villagers 1-9 need to attend
Wednesday, March 7, Queen, Mirror, Angel, Devil, Huntsman.
Thursday, March 8, Snow White, Hero Prince Charming from 3:30-4:45. Ice Cream Social and Open House that night.
Friday, March 9, Snow White, Young Snow White, all four sheep, Huntsman, Little Bird, Woodland Animals, Flowers, DNR Rep, Mice, Animales 1-5, Piggy, Flowers, Mother, Peggy Sue, Josh, Young Queen, Doctor, King, Prince Charming and Men and Combat Prince and Men. 
Monday, March 12 Trees, Flowers, Snow White, Evil Queen, Mirror, Woodland Animals 1-5, Mice, 
Tuesday, March 13 Act II, sc. 1, and Ladies in Waiting and Handmaidens.
Starting March 14, Rehearsals run until 7:00 as we begin to run the show. 
Those dates and groups will come home on Monday.
Thank you for your understanding. 
Thank you also for volunteering to  help with the show. Please see the Sign Up Genius.
Have a great night and thank you for all of your help. 
May God  hold you and your families in the palm of His hand.

sign up genius for Rockin' Snow White

Good Morning!
Thank you for all of the parents who have already signed up to help with the play. 
Mrs. VanIttersum is chairing the Woodland Animals Boys
Mrs. Seidell and Mrs. Donahue are chairing the Ladies-on-Waiting and the Villagers
Mrs. Mrs. Agius and Mrs. Gruden are chairing the Mice
Mrs. Mazzola volunteered to chair props
Mrs. Moening volunteered to oversee the Dwarves
Mrs. Caton and Mrs. Ferrara are T-shirt coordinators
Mrs. Noga, Mrs. Borgiel, Mrs. Olis, Mrs. Nunner, Mrs. Dreer, and Mrs. Rose volunteered to chair the cast and crew party
Mrs. Mazzola is also Bat costume chair
Mrs. Noga volunteered to oversee the Tree costumes
Please contact those ladies if you have any questions regarding the costumes and for costume suggestions. 
As you will see in the Sign Up Genius, there are many additional volunteer positions available. 
Thank you to the parents who volunteered to assist at the party; please sing up on the survey as well. I will forward the names of those who volunteered at the parent meeting to Mrs. Noga.


Special thanks to Mrs. Redoutey for her assistance and patience with this sign up. 


Thank you, Parents!

God bless you, 

Terri Kober


If you have any questions, please contact me or the volunteer chairperson. Thank you.