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Ms. Beatriz Gabriel » Lunch Helpers

Lunch Helpers

Lunch Help in Room 10

Thank you for volunteering to help out at lunch! Your responsibilities are as follows:


1) Help Mrs. Moseley pass out hot lunch.

2) Help students who raise their hand open their lunch items. We teach independence. Please show them how, or give just enough help, so they can do the rest on their own.

3) Walk around and make sure that students are eating their healthy food first, and saving their dessert/treats for last.

4) Walk around and encourage picky/hesitant eaters to eat, as well as giving reminders to talkers to keep eating.

5) Remind students to clean up after themselves…please do NOT cleanup for them!

6) Spray and wipe down all tables when students are finished eating.

7) Sweep under and around tables.

8) **If possible help take students to recess.**



*Lunch duty is 12:20-1:00. Students leave for recess at 12:50, giving time for cleanup.

*As the weather changes, lunch helpers may need to assist with zipping coats and snow gear.

*If outdoor recess is cancelled due to rain or very cold temps, please consider staying for indoor recess. 


Thank you for your help!