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Last Week Together!

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their warm, sunny extended weekend! For this short week, I would like this week to be of reflection on some of your favorite games we played in class together, or online. To remind you of some we played they were:
Doggie, Doggie Where's Your Bone (Voice Disguise)
Who Stole the Cookie
5 Five Turkeys
Kitty Kitty Basket
Jump Jim Joe (dancing too)
Bow Belinda
The Mouse and Cat Game (Mice would scamper to find nachos on the floor while cats slept)
Mouse Mousie
Piano/Forte Game
Apple Tree, Apple Tree
The Magic Box Game (Who has the orange monkey?)
Bear Hunt
Marching in a Parade!
During the summer, please keep checking back on my website. I will be posting some new video's, or ideas to help enrich your child's summer with music.
Some Ideas to enrich music learning:
Learn an Instrument with your Child
If you are willing, try and learn a new instrument with your child. Maybe you need a break, and that's ok. The Ukulele is an easy instrument to learn (not to tune, but download an uke app I can help you!) and an inexpensive one to purchase online. Maybe you and your child can learn a couple of chords and bring it camping somewhere this summer?
Make a Music Garden:
Paint aluminum cans, poke a hole at the bottom and tie a string through it to make your own wind chimes. Try and build your own water feature from the pictures show above in the link!
Take a Break and watch the Pros
Yo Yo Ma's a great musician. Take a break from hectic life and during lunch or at a time when you play music at home, play some music! Yo Yo Ma
Take this time to also play other classics such as Fur Elise, Especially for third graders, get them interested in instruments they will have the opportunity to play. Maybe one week/day its a cello player, then a french horn player, etc.
If you're on a road trip or have downtime at home, these videos are great and offer some exposure to instruments:
Minions Rhythm :Pick a Minion's Part and clap along!
Websites found under my "links" page:
Quaver Music
If there is anything I can help you with this summer, please know I would love to! I hope that you enjoy your summer and know I miss all of you!!
Mrs. Vialard

Grade 2: Creating your own Poison Rhythm

Hello Second Graders! This "poison" game is a fun game of "gotcha." Please Watch the video.
After you've watched the video, I'd like you to try and make up your own poison pattern and try it one night this week with your family. Please try your best to write down your rhythm, like I have shown in the video, When you are done, or are ready but maybe your family is not, take a look here:

The Battle Hymn of the Republic/Grade 3

Hello third graders! I hope you had a great weekend. I enjoyed a lot of your kite drawings. It seems a lot of you remember note values, so that's great! Now, we're going to take a look at the Battle Hymn of the Republic (please listen). It is a famous song by Julia Ward Howe. I'd like you to watch the video here:Julia Ward Howe: Battle Hymn of the Republic . It is important we learn some of our music history!
Answer these Questions:
1.What do you think inspired Julia in her words in this song?
2. What was going on in the world when she wrote this song?
3. What was the songs mood? Happy, upbeat, sad, hopeful?
4.. Challenge:Write down some words about what is going on in the world now (for example brave, love, not alone, heroes). Then make sentences, for example: Brave are the nurses who watched after the world
                Love surrounds us, even though I may be alone
               I am not alone.
                Everywhere I look, I can see heroes.
Then, see if you can even put the words/lyrics to a melody. It could be a familiar melody such as Twinkle Twinkle little Star, or even to the Battle Hymn of the Republic~!
Please send me a picture of your answers. I hope some of you try the challenge!
Also, for recorder review go here: Recorder Review. See if you can get to Au Clair de la lune on the recorder list. Send me an audio recording if you can! And challenge yourself to go further if you've mastered it!
Good luck!

Down in the Valley/Funga Alafia: Grade 1 Music

Hello First Graders! I hope you all are doing well! I enjoyed watching your videos and am so thrilled with all of your hard work! For this week, please watch the video here: Down in the Valley
Down in the valley, 
valley so low,
Hang your head over, 
hear the wind blow.
Hang your head low dear
hear the wind blow,
Hand your head over,
hear the wind blow.
Roses love sunshine, 
violets love dew.
Angels in heaven, 
know I love you.
When you are done, please teach your family the song (listed above in the file) we learned in November, when I first met all of you! Remember, this song is a traditional African song meaning "Hello, and Welcome."

Thank you!

Thank you to the PTG, parents and students at Holy Family for the support you showed for teacher appreciation week. It has been amazing being with this family since November. My many thanks and well wishes to you all. 
Mrs. Vialard

Celebrate Syllables! Second Grade Music

Hello Second Graders. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a happy mothers day with your moms!! This week, I want you to complete the worksheet attached and send it back to me from a picture or email. (maureen.vialard@holyfam.org
Next, I'd like you to listen to Beethoven's Ode to Joy here Ode to Joy  Please find a place where you won't be interrupted by your siblings or pets.While your listening, put a piece of paper in front of you with a marker and close your eyes. Try to follow the music with your drawings. As the music gets louder, maybe your line, scribble or doodle goes higher on your paper. There is no right or wrong. Enjoy the music. I would love to see some drawings!! 

Fly a kite and Rhapsody in Blue -Third Grade Music

Hello third graders! i hope you had a wonderful weekend and made your moms feel special! I know my three sons did! 
Click here for listening to Rhapsody in Blue
For this next assignment, I want you to listen to Rhapsody in blue. Answer these easy questions while you're listening:
1. What style of music do you think this is?
2. What instruments do you hear?
3. Who wrote this piece of music?
4. Do you like it? (yes or no)
When you are done, please send me your answers, Take a picture, or write them down in an email. 
When you are done, complete the worksheet about note values.

Dance Party -Young 5!

Hello Young Fives! I hope you had a great weekend! I truly miss you all. 
This week, i'd like you to have a small dance party. The idea is to move your body to what you are hearing. Is the music fast Or slow? Is your body moving fast or slow?  
Enjoy! You can even try and get your parents or siblings involved! 
Parents, just an idea my family has really enjoyed dancing together. If you have Alexa at home, try expanding their music styles by asking Alexa to play songs from Jazz, Classical, appropriate hip hop, etc. 

Call and Response-Kindergarten and First Grade

Hello Kinder and First Graders! This week you will work on call and response. I'd like you to watch this video:  Call and Response  and practice this at home. 
What calls can you come up with? Try to do this with a sibling. Could a brother or sister come up with a call and you a response? Try that first, then try coming up with a call, then you a response.
I'd love to see some videos of you trying. I will post one on Wednesday so you can see what me and my son came up with! 
Have fun, and be creative!

You're My Mom-Mothers Day Song /Upper El

Maybe you need that special song to prepare for your Mom on Mothers Day. If you can't remember the lyrics to sing it to her, write some verses down on paper, or put this in a handmade card. Do what you can. Your Mom will love it.
Click on the link below to hear the song:
You're My Mom 
You have given me my breath
You have given me my strength
You have given me everything I needed
You have shown me how to shine
You show me love all the time
And in my heart I feel it
You always show me how to face another tomorrow
And you're always by my side
You're my mom 
There is no one else like you
You're my mom
And you always know what to do
You're my Mom
But you know I love you too,
You're my Mom
Because of you 
I know who I am
Because of you
I know I can
Do anything I want to
I don't have the words to say
But I'm thankful everyday
That God has blessed me with you
You've always shown me how to face another tomorrow
And you're always by my side
You're my mom 
There is no one else like you
You're my mom
And you always know what to do
You're my Mom
But you know I love you too,
You're my Mom
You're my mom 
There is no one else like you
You're my mom
And you always know what to do
You're my Mom and
But you know I love you too,
You're my Mom

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In light of the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, here is a song for you to sing!
Maybe you could have your own small Cinco de Mayo party at your house with your family members! Make some traditional Mexican food for dinner, or wear sombreros tonight !  A lot of students know the "La Raspa" song with the dance This dance: La Raspa
can help you remember what we did in class. 
Also, make sure to check back tomorrow for a mothers day song you can sing to your moms for mothers day!! 
Check Mrs. Amundin's page for some other great ideas for Cinco de Mayo!