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Fourth Grade Math

Please join my google classroom using the following link:
The code if the link doesn't work: flsyx3k
Class Code: 62r3r2
Materials to bring to class everyday: Textbook, workbook, a three ring binder, notebook, calculator, pencil, folder or accordian folder.
-Students and their parents meet their teachers.
Tuesday August 25, 2020-Half Day 8:30-11:20
-Students will remain in their homeroom the entire day.
Thursday August 27, 2020
-Introductions and procedures
-We will start the Pretest on Monday and students will get Monday and Tuesday to complete it.
HOMEWORK: Start Interest Inventory Survey. Due Monday August 31 with a parent signature. PARENTS. please cut off the bottom portion on the last page and join your child's grade level google classroom. 
Monday August 31, 2020
-Warm-up: Check to make sure students have all their material.
-Begin Pre-test
Homework: Check into Sadlier and follow the directions on the website.
Tuesday September 1, 2020
-Warm-up: Place Values
-Finish Pre-test
-Once they are finished, they will glue a place value foldable into their notes and fill out a worksheet.
Homework: Glue in place value foldable and complete the worksheet.
Wednesday September 2, 2020
Warm-up: Naming place values.
Guided notes over Lesson 1.1: Thousands
Homework: In Orange Math workbook, page 2, problems 1-8. Please show all work.
Reminder, please make sure your students are connected to my google classroom, Sadlier, and Freckle. Directions to join my google classroom are at the top and direction to join the other two sites are in my google classroom.
Thursday September 3, 2020
-Start class by going over the homework and any questions the students have.
-Guided notes over Lesson 1-2: What is One Million?-Fill in the blanks as we go.
-In addition to using my guided notes, we looked at the books examples.
-Homework: Page 4, problems 1-6
Tuesday September 8, 2020
-Begin class by going over the homework assigned over the weekend.
-Guided notes over lesson 1.3: Millions-Handout provided
-Homework: Finish the front and back side of the handout that provides examples on standard form, number name, and extended form.
Wednesday September 9, 2020
Warm-Up-Go over the front page of the WS from class the day before.
-----Main priority was the front page so the back side was more effort based.
-Guided notes over Lesson 1-4: Expanded Form. Provided Handout
-Orange WORKBOOK Homework: Page 8 , problems 1-6
Thursday September, 10, 2020
  1. Warm-Up-What parts of the homework did you do well and not so well?
    1. Have your homework out ready to go over. (Page 8, problems 1-6)
  2. BEGIN (But not finish) Guided notes over Lesson 1-5: Round Whole Numbers
    1. Walk through the examples on page 9 of your Orange Workbook.
  3. Homework: If your missing any work prior to today, please have them completed and ready to turn in tomorrow. We will finish chapter 1.5: Rounding Whole Numbers and you'll get assigned that homework for over the weekend.
Friday September 11, 2020
-Warm-up: Discussion-What concepts are you still having trouble with from the lessons we've done so far. 
-Turn in an missing homework
-Finish lesson 1.5: Rounding Whole Numbers
-Spend time on Freckle
NOTE: We didn't go over Chapter 1.5 due to limited time.
-Homework: Worksheet “Mixed rounding: round numbers to the underlined digit”
Monday and Tuesday September 14 and 15
Students will work on their STAR testing assessment the entire class.
QUIZ Thursday September 17.
-If they are finished with STAR, they will work on Freckle or review activities on Sadlier.
Wednesday September 16, 2020
-Start or finish STAR assessment

-Review as a group for quiz tomorrow (9/17)
Thursday September 17, 2020
Friday September 18, 2020
-Students will come down to my classroom to do one of the following:
1. Finish their quiz and/or STAR.
2. Review their quiz and make corrections for partial credit.
3. Work on Freckle.
4. Make up any missing work for my class.
Monday September 21, 2020
Take out your “Mixed Rounding” WS. We will go over that to serve as a review and warm-up for today's lesson.
Open your Orange Hardcover books to page 12
Homework: Worksheet titled, “Rounding Whole Numbers.”
Tuesday September 22, 2020
  1. Turn in your HW, “Rounding Whole Numbers.”
  2. Open your ORANGE workbook to page 9. We will review rounding whole numbers again so that we can continue to build a foundation. Assign each student problem on page 9.
Homework in ORANGE workbook, page 10,problems 1-8
Wednesday September 23, 2020
Turn in your HW “ORANGE workbook, page 10,problems 1-8.”
Open your ORANGE HARDCOVER book to page 14, we will use the instructions as a guide for the worksheet you will have as homework.
Homework, worksheet titled, “Ordering Whole Numbers.”

**Test next Wednesday & Thursday Sept 30 and Oct 1


Thursday September 24, 2020

Turn in your HW worksheet titled, “Ordering Whole Numbers.”
Get out your ORANGE workbooks and open to page 11. We will review Compare and Order Whole numbers again. 
Homework in ORANGE workbook, page 11, problems 1-12.
Friday September 25, 2020
Freckle Friday and Review
You may do one of the following:
1) Work on Freckle and complete any assignments that are in your "backpack" on Freckle.
2) Start reviewing for your test next week and ask for help on anything.
3) Catch up on missing work for my class.
Tuesday September 29, 2020
-Review for the test over Chapter 1
-Test tomorrow and Thursday (9/30 and 10/1)
-Study Guide: Chapter 1 review in hardcover book at the end of the chapter. (Not due but would be helpful for studying)
Wednesday and Thursday, Sept 30-Oct 1
-Chapter 1 test.
Monday October 5, 2020
Go over Chapter 1 Test
Go over 3-digit Addition and Subtraction Worksheet
  • Provide time to work on problems
Preview the chapter and pass out worksheet titled “Evaluate the Expression-Single Variable.”
Tuesday October 6, 2020
Warm-up: Problems over mathematical expression worksheet
Go over Chapter 2.1: Mathematical Expression 
  • Go over problems on page 17 of Orange workbook. 
HOMEWORK: Page 18, problems 1-8.
Wednesday October 7, 2020
Turn in homework
Warm-up: Problems on page 17 as review.
Go over Chapter 2.2: Addition Properties 
  • Notes handout
  • Example problems on page 19
HOMEWORK: Page 20, problems 1-6.
Thursday October 8, 2020
Turn in homework
Warm-up: Problems on page 19 as review.
Go over Chapter 2.3: Estimate Sums
  • Estimate the numbers on the board
  • Example problems on page 21
HOMEWORK: Page 22, problems 1-11.
Monday October 12, 2020
Whiteboard review for Quiz over chapter 2.1-2.3
QUIZ TUESDAY October 13, 2020
Tuesday October 13, 2020
(Will finish quiz tomorrow)
Wednesday October 14, 2020
-Finish Quiz
-Work on additional practice worksheet
Thursday October 15, 2020
Warm-up problems on the board
Go over Chapter 2.4 beginning on page 23
  • Review rounding and estimating multi-digit numbers
HOMEWORK: Page 24, problems 1-7
Monday October 19, 2020
-Explain warm-up and make it apart of our routine 
-Go over Chapter 2.4 homework
-Go over chapter 2.5 using whiteboards
-Homework: Page 26, problems 1-8
***Chapter 2 Test next Wednesday (10/28)