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Eighth Grade Math

Please join my google classroom using the following link:
The code if the link doesn't work: ku6qfyj
Class Code: usyjpg
Materials to bring to class everyday: Textbook, workbook, a three ring binder, notebook, calculator, pencil, folder or accordian folder.
Monday August 24, 2020
-Students and their parents meet their teachers.
Tuesday August 25, 2020-Half Day 8:30-11:20
-Students will remain in their homeroom the entire day.
Thursday August 27, 2020
-Introductions and procedures
-Begin Pre-Test
HOMEWORK: Start Interest Inventory Survey. Due Monday August 31 with a parent signature. PARENTS. please cut off the bottom portion on the last page and join your child's grade level google classroom. 
Tuesday September 1, 2020
-Pass out warm-up worksheet 
-Guided notes over chapter 1.1
Students will have time to start both homework assignments in class.

-Part 1: HOMEWORK: Page 10 and 11, Problems 1, 4-17


Thursday September 3, 2020

-Review Chapter 1.1 

-Spot check homework for completion and go over answers

-Guided notes over Lesson 1.2: Understand Irrational Numbers

-Homework: Page 16-18, Problems 1, 2, and 4-12

-Make sure all students are connected to Envision and Freckle.



Tuesday September 8, 2020
-Begin class check both homework assignments that were assigned over the weekend.
-Review WS on Rational Numbers as decimals
-Review WS that Compare and Order Rational Numbers
-Homework: Do odd problems on back side of both worksheets. Change any negative numbers to positive.
Thursday September 10, 2020
  1. Turm in both worksheets and have your book work ready to show me.
Guided notes over Chapter 1.4: Evaluate Square Roots and Cube Roots
  1. Supplemental Video if the students need additional explanation: 
Homework: Page 28-30, problems 1-16. Skip number 6
Friday September 11, 2020
Students will be working on their math homework from Thursday in their homeroom if they didn't finish it.
If they finished their homework, they will be working on Freckle the entirety of their math time. 
Task to do over the weekend
**Get on Freckle at some point this weekend**
Tuesday September 15, 2020
1. Students will take the STAR assessment Tuesday.
2. Once they are finished with the STAR, we will review for their quiz over Chapter 1.1-1.4 during the second half of Tuesday's block period. 
NOTE: The first part of Thursday's Block class will be spent finishing STAR, creating a notecard to use for the quiz, and reviewing for the quiz. 
Thursday September 17, 2020
QUIZ Thursday September 17.
Friday September 18, 2020
-Students will come down to my classroom to do one of the following:
1. Finish their quiz and/or STAR.
2. Review their quiz and make corrections for partial credit.
3. Work on Freckle.
4. Make up any missing work for my class.
Tuesday September 22, 2020
  1. Warm-up: Notecard and go over materials needed for class
  2. Notes over Chapter 1.6 and 1.7: Properties and Integer Exponents 
    1. Open you book to page 40, we will go over these in our book. Open you book to page 46, we will go over this in our book.
    2. Go over handout providing the properties we’ve just went over.
    3. Go over KEY CONCEPT on page 42 and 48
HOMEWORK: Page 42 and 43, problems 1-19 odd and page 49, problems 1-21 odd.

**Chapter 1 TEST Thursday October 1st


Thursday September 24, 2020

  1. Turn in homework
  2. Warm-up: On a post-it note, write one thing that helped you while working through the homework.
  3. Notes over Chapter 1.8 and 1.9: Scientific Notation
    1. Open you book to page 52, go over page 52 together in the book. In notebook, go over problems on page 53. Open you book to page 58, go over page 58 together in the book. In notebook, go over problems on page 54 and 60.
    2. Go over problems 1 and 11 on WS titled, “Scientific Notation.”
    3. Go over KEY CONCEPT on page 42 and 48
HOMEWORK: Worksheet titled, “Scientific Notation” and page 61, problems 8-15
Review page 74-78 Evens only

**Chapter 1 TEST Thursday October 1st


Friday September 25, 2020


TEST REVIEW-students may come down to my class to check their review and ask any questions before their test on Thursday October 1.

Tuesday September 29, 2020
-Pass back homework and review any comments or questions from them.
-Review for the test over Chapter 1
-Test Thursday (10/1)
-Study Guide: Located at the end of chapter 1. The students have an option of doing the EVENS or the ODDS. This will be due the day of the test.
Tuesday October 6, 2020
    • Finish and go over test
    • Show me review and any other missing HW
    • Review “Combining Like Terms” WS. 
    • Begin Chapter 2.1 Notes starting on page 86
      • Like Terms: A coefficient followed by a variable is a like term to a coefficient with that same variable. Ex) 4a and 5a
    • Questions to think about
      • Do they have the same variable?
      • What operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and Division) are we performing with the two like terms?
      • Do we have to combine a set of like terms before we can combine another pair? 
  • Homework-Page 88-89, problems 1-15.
Thursday October 8, 2020
  • Have your homework out ready to go over. Homework-Page 88-89, problems 1-15.
  • Go over Chapter 2.2 starting on page 92
  • Questions to think about
    • Can I represent the problem in a different way?
    • What terms can I combine? What terms are like terms?
    • Are the like terms separated by an equal sign? If so, how do I move one like term in order to combine it with the other like term?
    • Did I solve for the variabel?
Homework-Page 94-96, problems 1-15.
Tuesday October 13, 2020
UPDATE HW TRACKER & have your homework out ready to go over. Homework-Page 94-96, problems 1-15.
Go over Chapter 2.3 beginning on page 98.
Questions to think about
  • How do I make this into a one-step equation?
  • What are my like-terms?
  • What are the inverse operations?
  • Did I distribute correctly?
  • How are my signs? What signs do I need to change?
Homework-Page 100-101, problems 1-15 odd
Thursday October 15, 2020
UPDATE HW TRACKER & have your homework out ready to go over. Homework-Page 100-101, problems 1-14
Go over Chapter 2.4 notes starting on page 103.
Questions to think about
  • How many solutions do I have?
  • Did I solve for my variable?
  • Why is it not one solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions?
  • What information do you have to support your answer?
Homework-Page 107-109, problems 2-18 EVEN

QUIZ TUESDAY OCTOBER 20 over chapter 2.1-2.4

Tuesday October 20, 2020
- Update HW tracker
-Review for Quiz
-Start quiz, take home quiz due Thursday
-Had to push back Chapter 2.5 Lesson for Thursday