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Mrs. Kimberly Myers » Welcome to Campus Ministry

Welcome to Campus Ministry

Hello, my name is Kim Myers and I am the Director of Campus Ministry and would like to welcome you to Holy Family Regional School!  Your child will not only have the opportunity for top academics, but have the privilege to encounter Jesus daily! 
I once saw a beautiful billboard while driving. It was all black with white letters and read "Tell the children I love them ~ God"  It became my life!  It really isn't difficult, our youngest children know this!  It's when we grow, that we forget and, sometimes, a distance grows, taking us away from we must remember who we are!  We are holy sons and daughters of God Almighty.  Your children are gifts to you in this royal family. 
Our 2020-2021 theme is "We Know...The Greatness of Our God" and our theme song is The Greatness of Our God by the Newsboys. We will focus on knowing God intimately in all three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Together we will focus on His greatness through recognizing His presence among us through worship and praise!
When you brought your child to the cleansing waters of baptism, you stated, in an outward way, that you believe in God and accept the life of faith.  Your child was given the indelible mark of the Holy Spirit.  Your promise, to help your child grow to be Christ to others, is helping build the Kingdom of God.
We must always be conscious, that everything we do and everything we say, and the way we say it, or do it, speaks to who we are as God's people.   Encouraging a daily Examination of Conscience in your family will help reflect on actions and reactions from the day.
You will hear me speak of our partnership with you, your family and your home parish, in forming your child in our faith.  Together we will explore how you are your child's first and primary person who will teach your child about God and our faith.  This all happens in your home ... in your domestic church.  We look forward to building on what you do.  It will be beautiful when we come together as the Body of Christ each Sunday to worship, praise and encounter God in the sacraments, in sacred scripture, in prayer and in each other.  
May God continue to bless you and your precious gift from God, your child(ren), Kim