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Welcome to the Counseling Department

I have been fortunate to be at Holy Family Regional School for 15 years.  I bring with me my former teaching background in elementary school and at the college level and employment in various clinical and counseling situations.  I also bring my love of the Lord.  I work at both campuses, at South Campus on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  I am at North Campus on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Students may visit with me by initiating a connection through their teacher, parents, or on their own.   I work with the teachers and parents to assist any student's situation, namely, a personal situation affecting his/her emotional welfare and performance in school or an academic situation affecting a student.  
My email is mcclain.anne@holyfam. org .  I can be contacted at either school at 248-299-3798 (South) or 248-656-1234 (North).


Underground Apps students hide from schools

An article from eschool news ( presents apps which parents and teachers might want to know about.  This article was shared with me by Fran Wright our Technology professional for our school.  As we continue to teach students about digital citizenship, our children need to be aware of their digital footprint.  Here is the list of apps that might put students at risk:
1.Whisper: users must be 17 years old to download. Users share their thoughts or opinions via text that is place on top of an image.  It has the potential for cyberbullying and online harassment because users can connect directly with each other.
2.ASKfm: Users with this app can ask anonymous questions, but they can choose to not be anonymous.  Young people might use it to unfairly target certain classmates.
3.Private Photos  Calculator %:  According to this app, "anyone who starts this application will see a calculator but if you put in a passcode it will open up a private area."
4.HiCalculator: The article describes the app as having the ability to "hide your photos and videos behind a calculator."  Such a disguise would cause parents to pass over the app.
5. Hid It Pro:  Users  can use this app to hide pictures and videos behind a lock screen.  Users also create multiple photo and video albums and email them to others from inside the app.  The app automatically locks when the user exits it.  It includes a code-enabled feature that makes the app appear empty if a parent find it and knows what it does.