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Mrs. Diane Below » Welcome to Mrs. Below's 4th Grade Classroom!

Welcome to Mrs. Below's 4th Grade Classroom!

Welcome to Mrs. Below's 4th Grade class!
Amazingly enough when doing the math, this year will be my 23rd year at Holy Family Regional School!
Unbelievable and certainly Indescribable!
It is truly a privilege to be teaching at this wonderful school!  I am looking forward to walking the path with you, parents of my students, as we continue to strengthen your child's spiritual, academic, emotional, and social needs all within a community in which Jesus Christ is the Reason!

Room 205 Specials






**********NEW IXL Log In Link********

Our complimentary usage of IXL has expired.  So the children will be using a new link.  It may already be on their chromebook, I am not sure. I have sent an email out to the children that has their new username and new password.
The new link is:
I also have this NEW link posted in my Google Classroom under MATH.
Any questions, please email me.  Thank you so much for your help!

Just a reminder.......Please go to your Special Teacher's edlio page to keep up on your assignments.  That would be Spanish, Computer, Music, Gym, and Art/Library depending on the split of the classroom page.  
I know they miss all of you very much!  Thank you!

Happy Eastertide!
I hope each of you in your own special way had a joyous Easter with your family! 
Some tidbits of information for you....
* The school will be emailing you a letter about a link you may use to connect with your child's Authors in April. Our Authors in April are J.J. and Chris Grabenstein.  Their virtual presentation will be April 21st @ 2:00 pm.  Please look for the email from Mrs. Hondzinski that will contain this link.
* I posted in my Google Classroom the directions, format, and requirements for the REP-AIA project.  I have set the children up with one blank slide each.  Your child will have to access another blank slide to complete the requirements of the project.  This project is due Friday, April 24th.
* Please continue to print the Monday Morning Memo and remind your child to X off assignments that have been completed. 
 * Please have your child bring his/her Religion workbook to the Zoom meeting on Wednesday, 4/15. Discussion time :)
* In Math we are introducing Fractions.  All of the work for this week will not involve the Math book or the workbook.  Keep encouraging your child to check the  the MMM so he/she doesn't miss anything.
* If for some reason if your child is not able to complete assignments because of a situation within your family, please email me and let me know so I understand why the work is not being emailed to me.  You don't have to tell me the situation, but just communicating this to me is appreciated.  We are a team!
* Finally, Thank you for your continued support and patience as we extend our Distant Learning.  I truly love when you email me pictures of what your child is doing (such as singing a piano duo), your pets (some of you have the sweetest and coolest looking pets), some project you are working on with your family (Easter Decorations, surprise recipe outcomes), and your positivity during this very challenging time for all of us.
* Be sure to go to my Edlio page to make an account in Hmhco;Social Studies so your child can access his/her next booklet for Social Studies. We will be reading in Social Studies, The West.
The children are doing well with getting their work completed. I am very proud of them.  You, as I have said before, are Simply the Best!
Take care of yourselves and each other!
God Bless you,
Mrs. Below

Zoom Meeting- Wednesday

Hello Great Kids of Room 205!
We will be having our first zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 8th at 11:30. Zoom will allow us to see each and to share information from me to you and information from you to me.  Just like our  classroom at HFRS there are guidelines to follow so everyone gets an opportunity if they would like to speak. You will find a link to our zoom meeting on Wednesday in my Google Classroom. All zoom classroom meeting will be recorded if you are unable to attend.  I am excited to see all of you!  Have a wonderful weekend .
Since this will be our first zoom meeting for our classroom, Zoom will prompt you to install Zoom. This will take a couple of seconds, then you will be able to join the meeting right after you have completed this step Please plan on doing his before 11:30 on Wednesday, 4/8.
Directions for Zoom Meeting:
1.  Go to my Google Classroom.
2. Find the Zoom assignment and click on the Zoom Link.
3.  After it downloads, please click your audio and video.
4,  Keep Zoom open, it may ask for meeting ID
5. Go back to Google Classroom, find meeting ID.
6,  Enter meeting ID, No spaces
7,  Hit enter/join and it will take you to the meeting once it is 11:30
                   Thank you for your help and support:)