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Holy Family Regional School

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Welcome to Mrs. Francuck's Classroom!

I am Lindsay Francuck and proud to say this is my 5th year teaching at Holy Family and 16 years in education altogether. My experiences include teaching within the Archdiocese as well as Baker College. I have earned a B.S. from Oakland University and a M.A in Literacy Education from Madonna University. I hold certifications in K-5 Elementary Education, 6-8 Social Studies & Language Arts, K-12 Reading Specialist and also Catechist Certification through the Archdiocese of Detroit.
What led me to Holy Family was a search to find, not just a school, but a community in which I felt would be a nice place to raise my children. It didn't take long before I too, wanted to spend my days at HF! This truly is a special place and I appreciate all the blessings it has brought to my family personally, and enriched my life professionally, as well. 
I wish to THANK YOU for the privilege to work with you and your child this school year. Please know your child's success is my top priority. Together, we can partner to create an amazing educational TEAM for your child as they begin preparations for high school and beyond!
Please contact me anytime! I'm always happy to help!
* Please click on the link (right) "Mrs. Francuck's Reading Corner." I will be sharing the latest news in the literacy community that I receive as a member of the International Literacy Association. I'm happy to pass on the great information to you in a monthly format, as well as daily in the classroom through instruction and interaction with your children. 
* Understood.org. is a wonderful site that I frequently use so I'll share any pertinent information that may be helpful to parents.


Dear Students,

WOW! Here I am, and there you are! What happened?! Remember in January when I told you that I postponed my shoulder surgery until the summer because I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing you for weeks? My doctor thought I must have some pretty neat students to not want to miss a single day with them. He was right. I do have some pretty neat students, and now I miss you all! (in hindsight, I should have done the surgery, but that's just one of life's ironies, isn't it?)
Rest assured - school will go on! We will spend time together through our Google Classroom and connect in a new way. I am so excited for our new classroom experience, until we can be together again in our real classroom. 
English students: March Madness Vocabulary will still go on! Luckily, I was able to bring the bracket poster home and will record on Screencastify or Flipgrid. Together, we can still battle the 7th grade VS the 8th grade to determine the winning word! Perhaps the NCAA can cancel March Madness, but our March Madness will STILL GO ON! Can't wait to battle it out! Stay tuned to our Google Classroom for specific directions. All you need is your chromebook and vocabulary book (or our book website).
Literature students: Author's in April is upon us! Why don't we enjoy our books and run a book club discussion through Google Classroom. I'll be your host! Your books are in your lockers! I placed them there and so badly wanted to leave you a personal note, but had so much to do that day! Please put your name in your book. You may annotate IN the book, because it is YOURS to keep. I know right now you are smiling, because you love to write in your books! I do too! I'll leave specific directions in our Google Classroom for pacing of your reading and questions to ponder. 
While we are apart, I do not want you to be anxious of any of your assignments. These are unprecedented times, and we are navigating together. My goal is to stay connected, to foster your love of learning and to have fun! Which really isn't any different than any other day of the year! 
I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep me in yours. I cannot wait to begin March 23rd. Please look for a guest appearance in my videos to you... Lexie and Pluto are anxious for some screen time!!! 
Much love to you all! 
Mrs. Francuck 

Congratulations Owen and Kayla!

Owen Turner (2nd place) and Kayla Achenbach (3rd place) have been named a winner in the 2019-2020 America & Me Contest and was awarded with a certificate and a pen for so eloquently honoring the heroes in our Michigan communities! Congrats to you both! You have made me so proud and your classmates feel the same!

Scholastic Books - December

December Scholastic order brochures are coming home tonight! Orders are due by Wednesday, November 27. Class code PDFFR. 

Congrats to the following 7th graders who are advancing to the school Spelling Bee! Aidan T. and Jameson F. 
Congrats to the following 8th graders who are advancing to the school Spelling Bee! Paige R. and Josh B. 


Congratulations to Kayla and Owen! Their essays were submitted for the 51st America and Me Essay Contest 2019-2020. Continued success on all of your writing achievements!

Small Group ELA Instruction: 7th - 8th grade
Guided Support - Middle School