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Mrs. Francuck's Reading Corner

January Thoughts... taken from International Literacy Association. I've summarized the article below to share relevant information as all work together toward one common goal; your child and my students!
How can we help our students to become better writers? 
Each student's path to better writing instruction is unique. It is also uneven, as all students are better at some types of writing than others. 
Do encourage students to write for multiple purposes.(studies show writing is a versatile tool and should be utilized to interpret what we are reading in class as well as a means for expression and self-growth)
Do support students as they write. (create predictable writing routines and enhance with 21st century writing tools)
Do teach students needed writing skills, knowledge, and processes. (teach and practice writing strategies)
Do create a supportive and motivating writing environment. (writing is a very personal activity)
Graham, Steve. "The Dos of Writing Instruction." Literacy Today, November/December 2019, 14-15.