Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!
We did it! 2020 is almost OVER! As challenging as it has been, it has also blessed us with greatness. Your KIDDOS! They are AMAZING! I love learning with them, laughing with them, and hearing all of their stories!
I pray you all recharge over the break. I promise to recharge too! I have some great lessons planned upon our return and cannot wait to get back to work.
Until then, I will miss the laughter and the learning. I always do while on a break. Your children have become my second family! If you have any great photos to share while on break, please email them to me. I LOVE to see what they are up to, etc. You can bet I'll be drinking espresso, wearing cozy slippers, and toggling between Amazon and teacher websites. Ah, that's the perfect break! 
Most importantly, never lose sight of the true meaning of CHRISTmas. We are so blessed to know the truth. Who knew a baby in a manger would change the world? Blessed beyond measure!
Stay healthy and happy. I will see you all on January 4th, 2021! 
Mrs. Francuck