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Mrs. Teresa Kober » Welcome to 8th Grade and 7th Grade Literature with Mrs. Kober

Welcome to 8th Grade and 7th Grade Literature with Mrs. Kober

"Jesus Christ loves you; he gave his life to save you; and now he is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen and free you." Pope Francis
It has been a blessing to be a member of Holy Family family!  What a privilege!  Each day is a new miracle of hope, promise, and joy.
I am grateful to all of the families who have touched my life by their generosity, spirit, and  faith--in action, in prayer, in support. 
It is my greatest desire to help ready the students of Holy Family by helping them realize their gifts, talents, and self-worth,  and by helping them develop as leaders: men and women of great faith and commitment dedicated to serving God by being the best they can be and trusting in God's plan for them. 


7th Grade Lit Meetings, Friday, April 3

Hi Students, 
Looking forward to meet with you tomorrow:
7-1: 9:30
7-6: 11:30
Please check your Google Classroom latest Stream for your official Zoom invitation, URL, and other pertinent information. Thank you!

8th Grade Lit Meetings for Friday, April 3

Hi 8th Graders! 
You are invited to attend our 8th grade lit meetings at the following times:
8-2: 10:00
8-5: 11:00
8-7: 12:00
8-8: 1:00
Please check Google Classroom for your Zoom Invitation link and other pertinent information.
See you tomorrow!

Wahoo! Second Week of Distance Learning!

Hello 7th Graders!

Welcome to Week 2 of Distance Learning!

This week we will begin our Authors in April novel TERROR AT BOTTLE CREEK!
I can't wait to begin.

Instead of the week's assignments being posted at the beginning of the week, I will be posting on Edlio and Google the assignments for each day.

So each morning, you can check what it is you should accomplish that day in lit.

We will be annotating in our books with pens this time. No Post-it notes. Reading with a pen in hand helps keep us focused and engaged. In addition to annotating new words and characters, try to make comments and respond to the characters' dilemmas in the margins. Have a conversation with the characters or yourself by commenting at you go along.

Finally, at the end of each chapter, please write down what you think will happen next based upon what you have read. What next? Write done what you think will happen next.

I hope you enjoy the Note Taking Guide and Vocabulary for the novel. They are assigned and your can do them as you proceed through the book.

On Monday, I will also post an article about alligator hunting that I think you might enjoy.

On Wednesday, we will have one question to respond to as a homework check. Look for it on Wednesday.

Take care and have a super week! I am always so proud of you.

Remember to check Edlio and Google Classroom for your daily updates and assignments.

Distance Learning: Week Two!!!

Welcome to Week Two of Distance Learning, Eighth Graders!

Hope you are doing well and that you have adjusted to our new school.


This week your daily assignments will be posted in the morning for that day. I will not be posting the work on Monday for the week.


Each day you will have the following:

  • a reading assignment,
  • some vocabulary to define and/or use,
  • as well as a question or two to answer based upon the day’s reading.


In addition, as you read, I would like you to continue to read with a pen in your hand to annotate:

  • 1 ) responses to what the characters are doing or the dilemma they are in, events that are happening,
  • 2) predictions you foresee will happen based upon the events as they unfold; and
  • 3) new words, character descriptions, figures of speech; and finally
  • 4) write down questions you might like to ask and discuss at our Friday class meeting on Zoom.


When in doubt or unclear, re-read. This book is set in a very different environment and eco-system than what we are accustomed to so expect a re-read or two to really grasp the details and situation in which the characters are immersed.


Finally, at the end of each chapter, please make a prediction based upon what you have read and the events in the chapter.


Watt Key uses flashbacks often throughout the story; a “flashback is a scene within a scene that interrupts the sequence of events to relate events that occurred in the past.” Watt Key uses flashbacks to provide insight into the situation that Julie finds herself living with her mom in Atlanta but missing her family being together in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with her dad.

Watt Key also uses Foreshadowing, “the author’s use of clues to hint a what might happen later in the story. Writers use foreshadowing to build their readers’ expectations and to create suspense,” to engage us with the sense of “what is going to happen next.? How else could possibly happen?”


Please predict as you read along and record your prediction at the end of each chapter. “What next…” Based upon what you have read, what will happen next? What dilemma do our characters have to face? What difficult decisions will they encounter.


I look forward to discussing these questions and answering any you have at our next class meeting on Friday, April 3rd. Please check Edlio and Google Streaming for the times as they have changed from last week!


Finally, the scuba diving lessons attached to the assignment on Monday is there for you to watch and enjoy as you read. There is a great diagram of a scuba diver inside the first page or so, the lessons as well as pgs. 11-15, contain a lot of information about the equipment and its functions. Watch and learn and enjoy at your convenience.


ASSIGNMENT DUE DATES: the assignment due dates are very flexible and are offered to you, the student, as a means to stay on task, keep a good pace, and be organized in your reading and your work.

Mrs. Kober's 7th grade Lit Class Meetings

Hello Seventh Graders!
It is so great reading your responses to the questions on Google Classroom! Thank you for your thoughtful responses. I am always so proud of  you! Keep up the good work as we move forward to week 2 of Distaince Learning and beginning Terror at Bottle Creek. I hope you each have the copy that we left in your lockers. If not, it's not too late to order one from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.   
As we move ahead, I am looking forward to our two lit class meetings. If one time is better for you and your family than another, please feel free to join us at the more convenient time. This is an exciting new experience for our class, and I can't wait to see your beautiful faces and hear your lovely voices! 
So please join in the fun! See you tomorrow.
 Class Work: As we move forward, please check Edlio and Google Classroom for your work and assignments. Reading assignments and discussion as well as vocabulary will be  posted as we begin this fantastic Author in April novel: Terror at Bottle Creek. I know  you are going to love it.  
We will also be exploring other books and various reading assignments and offerings to keep you entertained. So be sure to check in and enjoy!
TERESA KOBER is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: 7th Grade 1st Hour Lit
Time: Mar 27, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 913 126 235
TERESA KOBER is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: 7th Grade 6th Hour Meeting
Time: Mar 27, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 816 938 461

8th Grade Lit Mtg. 8-2 and 8-5; second Lit Mtg. 8-7 and 8-8

Hello 8th Graders!
How have you been this week?! While I am looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow during a Lit class meeting tomorrow, I wanted to first address The Magical  Land of Oz. Each of you has worked so hard and looked forward to your 8th grade play, and we have a good one! As this weekend begins, know that we are so proud of you and look forward to having the opportunity to perform your show. Only time will tell, but we have dates on the calendar; however, we also  know the most important thing is the healthy and well-being of our families and friends. We will trust in the Lord and put our creativity to good use when the time comes. You are in our thoughts, prayers, and heart! Hang in there--"There's a Light in the Distance."
Class Meetings: Although there are are two class times for two classes at a time, if you can only attend one meeting, then please join in at the time convenient with you. 
The URL is there for you, and if you click on that or copy it, you should be connected right away. We have so much to discuss, and I can't wait to see you.
TERESA KOBER is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: 2nd and 5th hour 8th Grade Lit is at 9:30 A.M.
Time: Mar 27, 2020 09:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 904 014 889
TERESA KOBER is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: 7th and 8th Hour Lit meeting at 1:30 P.M.
Time: Mar 27, 2020 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 591 661 058
Looking forward to a good get-together and a chance to talk about what's on your mind and plans for exploring our Author in April novel.
God bless you and  your families!

Mrs. Kober 7th Grade Classes

Hello 7th Graders in Mrs. Kober's Class, 
Thank you for your good work! It was great to see your quick responses to your reading on Well done. Keep up the good work!
Please check your Google classroom page throughout the week for announcements or additional enrichment opportunities. 
My latest video is posted there. Check it out!

8th Grade Lit Update

Hi Everyone!
Thank you for all of your good work with the Miep Gies article and interview. I love reading your responses. Keep up the good work!
Be sure to check your Google Lit Classroom throughout the week for updates, announcements, or an occasional lit update or Zoom meeting time. Check our my video through Google Classroom! 
Miss you all! God bless  you and take care!
Mrs. Kober

Week of March 23-27, 2020

Hi 7th Graders!
How are you?! I have thought of you and prayed for you and your family each and every day! Hopefully you have been able to enjoy your spring break and have some fun with your families.
This week we will conclude our study of oral traditions and folktales, at least for the time being, with a story "The Four Dragons."
Once you sign in, if you haven't before, you can read the story, jot down notes and review the vocabulary. It is a unique Chinese folk tale and offers some very unique characteristics. I think it will be fun to compare it to "Demeter and Persephone."
After you have read the story twice, you will have three small assignments to help you draw comparisons. While they are all posted, please do one at a time, one a day or whenever you feel prepared to answer. The due date posted is simply a goal or reminder to complete the assignment--there is no penalty if you do not complete it by March 30th. Do it as best as you can and post your responses when completed.
Re-read the story two or three times before you do the online quiz with If you have younger siblings or a story/drama night at home with your family, practice your pvlegs and share the story with your family. This class is filled with great readers and presenters! I am certain that they will love to hear your reading of "Four Dragons." Each dragon could have a different voice. What fun!
On Friday, if all goes well, I hope that we will be able to convene as a class and discuss the story, as well as prepare for our Author in April novel TERROR AT BOTTLE CREEK. It will be a great read! I miss our movie and book talks, so hopefully we can share our ideas about what you've been reading and watching! You are such an interesting and delightful class, I can't wait to meet with you.
Do the best you can and contact me if you have any questions. Contact me through Google or
Keeping you and your family close in my thoughts and prayers!
God bless you, love, Mrs. Kober

The Week of March 23-27, 2020


Hi 8th Graders,

     How are you? You have been on my mind so much this week! I hope and pray that you are doing great and making the most of your Spring Break time!

     My plans for you this week include a story/interview with Miep Gies. I felt it was a fitting conclusion to our unit on Anne Frank. We had such a good conversation regarding the human spirit that I felt this was a nice way to conclude and to allow you time for a personal response. is the website where you will find this article. This article has already been assigned through Google classroom. You should find it there. I hope you enjoy it.

     Once you have signed in, if you haven't before, read the article a few times, review the vocab, and jot down note. When you are ready, perhaps at the end of the week, complete the quiz.

     I would like you to use your Lit spiral notebook as a record of this time in virtual classroom much like Anne's journal was a means of recording her personal history as it was happening. These are unique times, and your writing, thoughts, even classwork may be a source of inspiration for you and your families after all of this is over. Please date each entry and every day you work on your lit, write drafts, or complete vocab.

     When you do you lit work, and once we begin the novel, I hope that you can keep the lit spiral at hand. Don't have one? Grab any notebook or put some loose-leaf paper in your two-pocket folder and keep everything in one place. You adopt and use what is most comfortable for you.

     There are a couple of short assignments listed with this article. They do have a one-week deadline. I posted that to help keep you focused and to help you plan your week: perhaps do one a day through the week or when you feel you are ready. If you need more time, there is no penalty for completing these small assignments after the due date. That date is just for me. is new to us, and we will have a few stories interspersed the next few weeks with our class, but after this week, we will begin reading together DEEP WATER. I am very excited about sharing this novel with you. There will be an opportunity for us to explore scuba diving, challenges of survival, and consequences.

     If all goes well, I hope that we will be able to meet as a class on Friday, March 27th. Please check your Edlio or Google announcement page for updates and schedules. Those details are being worked out for all of us at Holy Family.

     You are such a great class, and although I miss you all terribly, this adventure of distance learning and coping with the challenges of self-isolation present us with an opportunity to grow, adapt, and demonstrate great resilience! We are not alone; God is with us and we are here in this place together. Much work to be done and reading to be shared and fun!

     Know that you and your families are in my constant thoughts and prayers!

     God bless you and love, Mrs. Kober

8th Grade Literature and Play Information

Hello, 8th Graders!
Thinking of each of you and your families and praying for your health, happiness, and peace!
I sure do miss each and everyone of you. I want you to know how that I was so proud of you and  your thoughtful discussion last Wednesday before we were dismissed. Little did we suspect that it would be for a few weeks; but God has a plan, this is temporary, and we'll pick up where we left off and have even more to think about and discuss. Keep up the good work!
Starting on March 23rd, I will be sending out some assignments, guidelines for reading and discussiion with you regarding  Deep Water, the Watt Key Author in April book that we are reading as a class. Each of you should have received a copy in your locker, and I hope you enjoy it. All of Watt Key's books are filled with great adventures, challenges, and insights in the human spirit. Like we experienced in The Diary of Anne Frank, we will meet some formidable, resilient characters, young adults like yourselves, placed in extraordinary circumstances.  I look forward to reading Deep Water  closely with you and encourage you to read any one of his other novels: Hideout, Terror at Bottle Creek, and Alabama Moon.
As we move forward especially after our Spring Break, beginning on  March 23rd, I will be posting assignements and  hope to receive feedback and discussions with you through our Google Classroom as well as updates through Edlio. So  please check  Google classroom as well. 
My first Screencastify was posted yesterday to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day and to let you know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. It is clearly a first attempt, but I am confident that subsequent communications through Screencastify will be improvements :)  Time will tell. 
Thank you for being such a remarkable class and group of talented, enthusiastic, and engaging young adults. I am so proud of all you have accomplished with The Magical Land of Oz
and look forward to putting the final touches on the production for our May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd performance dates. It is a very fine show and coming together beautifully. God will see us through this, and we all understand that this delay is for the coomon good. Keep running your lines, singing your songs, and bringing to your work the courage, heart, and friendship that the Munchkins, Citizens of Oz, the Guards and Monkeys, Oz's guards,Tree and Flowers, Witches - good and bad, Oz, and Dorothy, Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow, and Lion have shared with us. You are the best! Keep up the good work!
Look for some guidelines and a suggested reading schedule as well as some you tube videos and annotation suggestions for Deep Water on March 23rd.
If you read a book or see a movie that you like and want to share your insights and recommendations, please contact me and let's get the discussion started. 
May God bless you and hold you and your families in the palm of His hand. 
Mrs. Kober

Author in April Book placed in 7th graders' lockers!

Hello 7th Grade Literature Students, 
Thinking of you all and praying that you and your family are healthy and well. 
As you come into school to get all of your books and personal items from your lockers, you'll notice a new book: Terror at Bottle Creek.  We placed it there so that you could get started and be ready to read once Spring Break is over. 
On March 23, after your spring break, you will receive some guidelines and assignments to help you read and enjoy this extraordinary book. But you can start reading sooner if you like. 
Since this is your personal copy, you can write in it and annotate as you read along.  Annotate interesting passages, unique or unknown words, and respond to the characters' choices, situation, and growth in the margin. Have a conversation with yourself and comment on the characters and the action.
We'll have fun reading and discussing it together starting March 23, but don't wait if you're looking for a good book from our amazing Author in April, Watt Key. 
Can't wait to hear what you think!
Until then, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know our Heavenly Father holds each of you and your families in the palm of His hand. 
Take care!
God bless you.
Mrs. Kober

Author in April book in 8th grade lockers.

Hello 8th Graders!
Hope that you and your families are well and taking time to relax and read and have some fun together. Praying that each of you will be healthy and well. 
When you come into school to pick up all of your books and materials, please note that your Author in April book, Deep Water, was placed in your locker so that you could get started on it after your spring break. 
You can start sooner if you'd like. It's a story about scuba diving and survival. MOre information to follow! 
Starting on March 23rd, you will receive some ideas for reading the book, some additional lit responses, and the number of pages I hope you are able to read, and a few other interesting options for distance learning. 
Please put your name in the book as soon as you get it. And should you decide to begin reading right away, you may annotate right in this book as you read: interesting words, responses to the characters and their decisions and predictament, etc. This is your copy and you will need it when we resume classes. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!
Have fun and enjoy this unusual read about an unusual adventure.
Take care and God bless you and your families. We miss you and pray for you and your loved ones.  May God hold you all in the palm of His hand.
Mrs. Kober

The Magical Wizard of Oz play shirt order form March 4, 2020

Hello Parents and Eighth Graders!
Attached is the playshirt form that went home today. It would be great to have as many orders in tomorrow, Thursday, March 5th, since we have Friday off. 
We hope to submit the order asap. 
Thank you for your attention to this order. It is always very special for the students,. 
God bless you and thank you!