Author in April book in 8th grade lockers.

Hello 8th Graders!
Hope that you and your families are well and taking time to relax and read and have some fun together. Praying that each of you will be healthy and well. 
When you come into school to pick up all of your books and materials, please note that your Author in April book, Deep Water, was placed in your locker so that you could get started on it after your spring break. 
You can start sooner if you'd like. It's a story about scuba diving and survival. MOre information to follow! 
Starting on March 23rd, you will receive some ideas for reading the book, some additional lit responses, and the number of pages I hope you are able to read, and a few other interesting options for distance learning. 
Please put your name in the book as soon as you get it. And should you decide to begin reading right away, you may annotate right in this book as you read: interesting words, responses to the characters and their decisions and predictament, etc. This is your copy and you will need it when we resume classes. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!
Have fun and enjoy this unusual read about an unusual adventure.
Take care and God bless you and your families. We miss you and pray for you and your loved ones.  May God hold you all in the palm of His hand.
Mrs. Kober