The Week of March 23-27, 2020


Hi 8th Graders,

     How are you? You have been on my mind so much this week! I hope and pray that you are doing great and making the most of your Spring Break time!

     My plans for you this week include a story/interview with Miep Gies. I felt it was a fitting conclusion to our unit on Anne Frank. We had such a good conversation regarding the human spirit that I felt this was a nice way to conclude and to allow you time for a personal response. is the website where you will find this article. This article has already been assigned through Google classroom. You should find it there. I hope you enjoy it.

     Once you have signed in, if you haven't before, read the article a few times, review the vocab, and jot down note. When you are ready, perhaps at the end of the week, complete the quiz.

     I would like you to use your Lit spiral notebook as a record of this time in virtual classroom much like Anne's journal was a means of recording her personal history as it was happening. These are unique times, and your writing, thoughts, even classwork may be a source of inspiration for you and your families after all of this is over. Please date each entry and every day you work on your lit, write drafts, or complete vocab.

     When you do you lit work, and once we begin the novel, I hope that you can keep the lit spiral at hand. Don't have one? Grab any notebook or put some loose-leaf paper in your two-pocket folder and keep everything in one place. You adopt and use what is most comfortable for you.

     There are a couple of short assignments listed with this article. They do have a one-week deadline. I posted that to help keep you focused and to help you plan your week: perhaps do one a day through the week or when you feel you are ready. If you need more time, there is no penalty for completing these small assignments after the due date. That date is just for me. is new to us, and we will have a few stories interspersed the next few weeks with our class, but after this week, we will begin reading together DEEP WATER. I am very excited about sharing this novel with you. There will be an opportunity for us to explore scuba diving, challenges of survival, and consequences.

     If all goes well, I hope that we will be able to meet as a class on Friday, March 27th. Please check your Edlio or Google announcement page for updates and schedules. Those details are being worked out for all of us at Holy Family.

     You are such a great class, and although I miss you all terribly, this adventure of distance learning and coping with the challenges of self-isolation present us with an opportunity to grow, adapt, and demonstrate great resilience! We are not alone; God is with us and we are here in this place together. Much work to be done and reading to be shared and fun!

     Know that you and your families are in my constant thoughts and prayers!

     God bless you and love, Mrs. Kober