Distance Learning: Week Two!!!

Welcome to Week Two of Distance Learning, Eighth Graders!

Hope you are doing well and that you have adjusted to our new school.


This week your daily assignments will be posted in the morning for that day. I will not be posting the work on Monday for the week.


Each day you will have the following:

  • a reading assignment,
  • some vocabulary to define and/or use,
  • as well as a question or two to answer based upon the day’s reading.


In addition, as you read, I would like you to continue to read with a pen in your hand to annotate:

  • 1 ) responses to what the characters are doing or the dilemma they are in, events that are happening,
  • 2) predictions you foresee will happen based upon the events as they unfold; and
  • 3) new words, character descriptions, figures of speech; and finally
  • 4) write down questions you might like to ask and discuss at our Friday class meeting on Zoom.


When in doubt or unclear, re-read. This book is set in a very different environment and eco-system than what we are accustomed to so expect a re-read or two to really grasp the details and situation in which the characters are immersed.


Finally, at the end of each chapter, please make a prediction based upon what you have read and the events in the chapter.


Watt Key uses flashbacks often throughout the story; a “flashback is a scene within a scene that interrupts the sequence of events to relate events that occurred in the past.” Watt Key uses flashbacks to provide insight into the situation that Julie finds herself living with her mom in Atlanta but missing her family being together in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with her dad.

Watt Key also uses Foreshadowing, “the author’s use of clues to hint a what might happen later in the story. Writers use foreshadowing to build their readers’ expectations and to create suspense,” to engage us with the sense of “what is going to happen next.? How else could possibly happen?”


Please predict as you read along and record your prediction at the end of each chapter. “What next…” Based upon what you have read, what will happen next? What dilemma do our characters have to face? What difficult decisions will they encounter.


I look forward to discussing these questions and answering any you have at our next class meeting on Friday, April 3rd. Please check Edlio and Google Streaming for the times as they have changed from last week!


Finally, the scuba diving lessons attached to the assignment on Monday is there for you to watch and enjoy as you read. There is a great diagram of a scuba diver inside the first page or so, the lessons as well as pgs. 11-15, contain a lot of information about the equipment and its functions. Watch and learn and enjoy at your convenience.


ASSIGNMENT DUE DATES: the assignment due dates are very flexible and are offered to you, the student, as a means to stay on task, keep a good pace, and be organized in your reading and your work.