Wahoo! Second Week of Distance Learning!

Hello 7th Graders!

Welcome to Week 2 of Distance Learning!

This week we will begin our Authors in April novel TERROR AT BOTTLE CREEK!
I can't wait to begin.

Instead of the week's assignments being posted at the beginning of the week, I will be posting on Edlio and Google the assignments for each day.

So each morning, you can check what it is you should accomplish that day in lit.

We will be annotating in our books with pens this time. No Post-it notes. Reading with a pen in hand helps keep us focused and engaged. In addition to annotating new words and characters, try to make comments and respond to the characters' dilemmas in the margins. Have a conversation with the characters or yourself by commenting at you go along.

Finally, at the end of each chapter, please write down what you think will happen next based upon what you have read. What next? Write done what you think will happen next.

I hope you enjoy the Note Taking Guide and Vocabulary for the novel. They are assigned and your can do them as you proceed through the book.

On Monday, I will also post an article about alligator hunting that I think you might enjoy.

On Wednesday, we will have one question to respond to as a homework check. Look for it on Wednesday.

Take care and have a super week! I am always so proud of you.

Remember to check Edlio and Google Classroom for your daily updates and assignments.