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Holy Family Regional School

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Curriculum Highlights


The Holy Family Regional School Curriculum Guide is a document which is reviewed and revised on a yearly basis. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Curriculum Council, our school curriculum is updated by subject area on a six-year cycle. This allows the Curriculum Council an opportunity to thoroughly investigate and study each subject area-- aligning the curriculum to local and national standards and benchmarks. The cyclical subject area reviews allow for updates to textbooks and grade level resources which enable student access to current and motivating educational tools.

The Curriculum Guide outlines the set of instructional standards and objectives that are to be attained by students at respective grade levels. Every teacher at Holy Family Regional School attains these standards and objectives using their own distinctive instructional approach. Lessons are created to meet the individual and unique learning style of each student. Every
teacher maintains a curriculum map throughout the school year that thoroughly details the objectives, strategies, assessments, and Catholic principles that are integrated and implemented as a means of achieving the academic standards and outcomes.

I am very proud of the academic program at Holy Family Regional School. Our faculty and staff take great pleasure in offering an academic program that is challenging, relevant, and infused with faith and values. The partnership between parent, teacher, and student provides a collaborative educational approach which allows students to meet their full potential.

If you would like more information regarding curriculum, curriculum mapping, assessments, instructional standards, or percentile rankings, please contact the school office.

Sincerely in Christ,
Mr. Jon Myers