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4 former K students celebrating the Hispanic week
Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Spanish class!

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Singing while working on their puppets. each puppet show a different feeling

Students are singing by themselves "Yo tengo un amigo que me ama, su nombre es Jesus" (I have a friend that loves me and his name is Jesus) without following the teacher or hearing the song from the computer. As teacher I feel proud of how well engage are in class and how much they have learned! Great job everyone!!
Students learned how to say 4 different feelings in Spanish: Feliz (happy), triste (sad), enojado (mad), asustado (scared). They did 4 puppets with the feelings learned at class. Great job!
Rainbow quiz. Students were told to color each part of the rainbow in a different color to make sure that they recognized the colors in Spanish. They all did a great job!
On that class, students learned about the names in Spanish of the Holy family and other important figures that took part of the Nativity. 
On December 12 we celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe feast. Students learned about her apparition in Mexico. They also learned about how much She loves, care and protects her children as the most caring mother of the world.
Dia de Gracias (Thanksgiving) Dar Gracias por mama, papa, hermanos, familia y casa. Give thanks to the Lord for having a mom, dad, siblings, family and a house. Those words were learned during Spanish class.

Los colores (The colors)

Students will learn and review the name of each color through this video. Please ask your children to sing along..