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Mrs. Cheri Baltzell McEneaney » Welcome to Art

Welcome to Art

Mrs. McEneaney has been teaching art at HFRS for 11 years.
She earned her BS from Georgia Southern College and  MA from West Virginia University.


3rd Grade : Please turn in your self-portrait this week.

Please turn in your child's self-portrait for the skate board this week when you bring in your chrome book. Please put it in an envelope with their first and last name and 3rd grade room number on the outside. There will be a box outside the Art Room to place them in. (Room 16 on the 3rd grade hall).
Thank you,
Mrs. Cheri McEneaney
PS If they have not done the self-portrait you can find the information on Week 9's video for 3rd grade on the Edlio page.

Week 10 A Drawing Project and A Sculpture Project

This is our last week of videos.
There are 2 projects this week. One is a sculpture and the second is a drawing.
You are welcome to do one or both if you have time.
 Art is an Enrichment so you do not have to do the projects.
They are here if you have time and want to try them.
Project 1: Salt/Flour Dough Bird in a Nest-
There are two videos: one to show how  to make the dough and a second video on how to make the bird in the nest.
Supplies you will need: 1/2 cup of flour (and a bowl with a little extra flour if your dough is too wet and for your surface), 1/4 cup of salt, 1/4 cup of water (with a bowl with a little extra water if your dough is too dry) and food coloring. A bowl, mixing spoon, surface to work on (counter top or cutting board),kitchen table knife, small plastic baggie to store your clay.
The recipe will make enough dough for 3 small bird in a nest sculptures.
The sculptures will AIR DRY.
Project 2: How to Draw a Cardinal
There are 2 videos. One is a basic drawing for Young 5's, Kindergarten and 1st grade
The second cardinal video is for 3rd, 2nd and 1st (if they want to try it).
Both videos are step by step how to draw a cardinal.
Thank you so much for joining me for art on line.
Have a good summer and keep doing art!
Mrs. McEneaney

Week 10 Video: How to make salt/flour dough

Video on how to make the salt/flour dough for the bird in a nest sculpture. Watch for the special visitors who make their way into the video!

Week 10 Sculpture Video: how to make a bird in a nest out of salt/flour dough.

Video for all grades on how to make a small bird in a nest with salt/flour dough.

Week 10 Art Project Supplies

Next week students will have the option of making a sculpture. This is not a required project but something for fun if you have time.
The supplies are: 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup salt and food coloring.
There will be a video to explain how to make the dough and a video to explain how to make the sculpture.
I just wanted to let you know about the supplies ahead of time.
Mrs. McEneaney

Week 9 Art videos

Welcome to the art page.
This week each grade will have a How to Draw Video.
Young 5's- How to draw a sunset over water landscape
Kindergarten- How to draw a landscape with water, hills and mountains
1st and 2nd grade- How to draw a self-portrait as a Lego character
3rd grade- How to draw a self-portrait for the 3rd grade skateboard
If you do not see your grades video go to the right and find Welcome to Art.
Scroll down and click on the word Videos and look for your  video.
Have fun!

Week 9-3rd Grade Video Skateboard Self-portrait

Students will draw a self-portrait that will go on a skateboard which will hang in the 3rd grade hall. Students have the option of drawing their teacher to go on the skateboard too!

Week 8 Artist Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud is know for his drawings of food and his sense of humor.
There is a video about his life and art with a game to play at the end for the whole family. Hope you enjoy it!
There are also  videos for each grade with a How to Draw project:
Young 5's - Clown ice cream cones
Kindergarten- lollipops
1st Grade- Parfait
2nd Grade- Gum ball machine
3rd Grade- Cake with a slice removed.
If you do not see your  video go to the right and scroll down under Welcome to  Art to the word Videos and click on that.

Week 8 Video for ALL Grades about the life and art of Wayne Thiebaud.

Video on the life and art of Wayne Thiebaud with a game to play at the end of the video for the whole family.