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Welcome to Gym! This year we hope to challenge, engage and provide a quality physical education program that will enhance your child's life long learning.  I received my degree from Wayne State University, majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in health education. 


Soccer Foot Dribbling Change of Direction

Find open space and try changing directions with both your right and left foot.

Swimming Humpback Whales

I swam with humpbacks whales off the island of Moorea in the French Polynesia in the summer of 2017.

Timed Shoe Tying Challenge

If your confident tying your shoes then click on the video and try and beat Mr S.

Shoe tying demonstration

It’s super important to come to the gym with a positive attitude, your best effort and properly tied gym shoes! I’ve uploaded a video of me tying my shoes. My challenge to all the Wildcats out there is to practice tying their shoes. My goal is the next time we meet everyone can ties there own shoes and play safe in the gym! Good luck practicing!