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Ms. Hannah Lightfoot » Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Welcome to Fifth Grade!
My name is Hannah Lightfoot and I am so excited to teach your child this year. I am returning to Holy Family after a long term substitute position in Fifth Grade in 2017 here at the South Campus During the internim year, I taught Third Grade at Our Lady of Sorrows in Farmington, MI. I am thrilled and honored to be guided by the Holy Spirit as I develop your students academically, spiritually and socially. Please communicate with me as often as you'd like, I am here for your child's success! 
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Yours in Christ,
Miss Lightfoot


End of the Year

Hi families!!!
First of all, thank you so much for the abounding love you have blessed me with this year. I am blessed beyond words can even express. Your students are rockstars! They make me proud to be their teacher. Thank you also for the engagement congratulations!! We are so excited to see what God has for us on this new journey of marriage! 
Here is what our last day will look like tomorrow:
10:00 AM All Class Zoom Meeting
11:00 AM Prayer Service
2:00 PM South Campus Drive-by
When you drop off your student´s school belongings next week, please make sure you return any classroom books they might have had for a book report or a reading book.
When you drop off their belongings, you will get a folder with summer math resources, papers to return from the classroom, and a little gift from me. There is a Starbucks Gift Card (if you have any trouble with the balance, call me! I have the receipt) and there is also a special 5th Grade sticker they can add to a water bottle, computer, collage, etc. There is a special way to apply it, so I have attached a picture! 
Thank you for all of your support, offline and online 😉 Have a wonderful summer of blessings, laughter, and love!!! 


Assignments 4/15

TEXTBOOK pages 200-201: #1-20

Virtual Vocab Squares

Flipgrid response: If you could do a talent show act, what would it be? Discuss or perform :)

Easter Reflection under "classwork"

Missing assignments, 4/6 Assignments

Hi families, 
Happy Sunday! Thus far during distance learning, I have been emailing kids/parents to communicate missing assignments. We have gotten permission to now grade online work, and because of this, I will now be entering missing assignments with a ¨0¨ in the gradebook. Going forward, I will not be sending separate emails to communicate missing assignments, so please check PowerSchool for that update! Thank you for all of your dedication during this time. I am blessed to be your childś teacher in EVERY way! They make the world a better place. 
Thank you! 

Assignments 4/6


*Be ready for 10:30 Zoom tomorrow to check 8-10

  1. Socrative chapter 8 review check
  2. Chapter 8 Review: TB P 192 #4-15 ALL ROUNDING #16-30
  3. Please have 8-7, 8-8, 8-9 checked and logged on Ongoing Homework Log in a GoogleDoc, if not, you will receive a 0 for the assignment. If you have not graded these, the answer keys are attached to the homework log assignment


Shine PT 9



WB P 230, 231


  1. Unit 15 Match the Meaning
  2. Flipgird: Unit 15 Motions

Add a motion to match the meaning for all 12 of the vocabulary words. Recite your motion as if you were teaching the class :)


Assignments 4/2
Good news!

10:30 Zoom MTG to check 8-9
1. Watch 8-10 mini lesson and take notes
2. WB 143- #3,4,5
WB 144- #1-6

1. SHINE PT 8 under classwork, due 4/3
2. Check out your Lit Circle time for tomorrow ZOOM Meetings

Social Studies:
1. Finish assignment from 3/31!! Many are not finished!
2. Boston Massacre Nearpod: XVHMR due 4/3
(If the video doesn't work, you can skip it)
1. Persuasive Essay Intro paragraph under classwork, due 4/3


Assignments 4/1
Good news!

**We will have a Zoom Meeting tomorrow at 10:30 to check 8-9**
1. WB P 141, 12-16
2. WB P 142 1-9
3. Flipgrid model, use drawing tools or you can use paper or a real life whiteboard: #16, P 141 link:
due 4/2

1. WB 148, due 4/2
2. Vocabulary Flipgrid: Pretend you are a news reporter and you are investigating a scene. Then, pick one word to focus your report on. Use my example that's posted to guide you. Be creative! due 4/2

1. Shine PT 7 under classwork, due 4/2
2. Padlet: due 4/2

1. Prayer journal 5 minutes
2. WB P 225-227, due 4/2


Assignments 3/31

Good news!

Social Studies:
1. Read page 5 in magazine
2. Watch BrainPop video + complete quiz
Login information:
username: misslightfoot password: hfrs11
3. Watch mini lesson video attached and take notes
4. Answer response question: What was the Boston Massacre?

1. Check 8-8 with me at a 10:30 AM ZOOM Meeting!!
link to join at 10:30
2. Watch mini lesson 8-9 and take notes
3. WB 8-9, P 141 #1-12

1. Revisions SHINE PT 5!!! (Almost everyone!)
2. Read SHINE PT 6, watch discussion video and comprehension questions

1. Complete Revolutionary War persuasive planning graphic organizer (Given when picked up supplies and chromebook at school). Use details from the Journeys text or research online to complete. If you don't have the graphic organizer, complete on spiral piece of paper. Outline is attached. Due Thursday, 4/2

assignments 3/30

Assignments 3/30

1. Good news :)
2. Complete google forms survey linked from Friday

1. WB p 140, #1-9
2. Flipgrid: Model how to solve #1 on WB page 140 on this flipgrid response. You can use blackboard or whiteboard drawing tools on the video, OR, model on paper. Pretend like you are teaching me how to solve!

1. Read pages 40-53
2. Watch discussion 5 video
3. Answer comprehension questions with GoogleDocs

1.WB 147

1. Response question on Google Classroom


Hi families, 
I hope you are having a peaceful weekend. I would like to thank you for all of your feedback, and those of you who completed the Google Forms survey. From that data, I feel comfortable adding slightly to the workload going forward. If you feel like your child still has too much free time, they can always access IXL for additional resources. I stressed to the students during the zoom meeting that the 8am assignment post is just for consistency. But your login time can be at anytime that is convenient to your household. Some students can complete assignments at 8:15 AM and others can be completed at 4:30 PM. Totally fine! I just want to make sure that all families know that it is totally up to your routine and morning schedule. Enjoy sleeping in 😉 
Attached is a weekly schedule, tentative to change, that can help provide structure to your day in addition to the daily assignment checklist. This will also look a little different when we transition from our Author's in April book, Shine!, to Journeys weekly lessons. As this would add a grammar component in addition to this schedule. 

By Wednesday, I will be hosting weekly small group Zoom meetings to hold reading and writing discussions. 
Your students have done a great job of completing quality and thoughtful work. If ever I need them to revise or rethink an assignment, I have commented on that assignment requesting revision. 
I will be posting Vocabulary Workshop answer keys at the end of each Unit, so by the end of this week 🙂 All workbook pages will be collected at home until we return. This method may change after directive from administration. Until then, workbook pages will be self-checked and kept at home.
I hope this answers some remaining questions you might have. Please reach out if you need to discuss anything else!

Assignments 3/27

1. We will correct 8-7 during our Zoom meeting
2. Watch and take notes. 8-8 Video Lesson
3. WB 8-8, P 139 only, due Monday 8am

1. Read pages 33-40 in Shine!
2. Watch discussion 4 video
3. Answer comprehension questions in google docs, due Monday 8am
4. Flipgrid Response: Make a prediction. What's one question you have about this book?
Feel free to video reply to as many as you'd like.

1.WB P 146, due Monday 8am

1. Today, I will be hosting a live Zoom Meeting. This is a live session where we can all chat together about the week! I want to practice using it before using it next week more officially. I have some announcements that I want to share and also I want to have time for questions. This is an optional meeting, but please join us if you are able!
Here is the link to join.

Assignments 3/24

More detail on GoogleClassroom
Math- Check your progress evens
SS- Reponse question
ELA: Shine Comprehension Questions

Assignments: March 23

March 23rd Assignments (I suggest writing these down in your agenda, and checking them off as you complete them):

1. Comment with "Good News" on this post :)

2. Math:
Watch Chapter 8 review videos under "classwork"
Check my Progress: Chapter 8 ODDS, due tomorrow March 24 by 8am

3. Vocabulary:
Unit 14, Match the Meaning due March 24 by 8am

4. Reading:

Quarter 3 Book Report Presentation on Flipgrid: Due tomorrow, March 24th by 8am

Record your Quarter 3 Book Report on Flipgrid

If you have created a slideshow advertisement, please share it with me via email.

Include: Book Title, Author, a short summary of the book, and a brief description of your completed project. Please show your completed project in the video. If you have made a slideshow, don't worry about discussing it in your Flipgrid.

Then, video comment on 5 different flipgrids of your classmates. Your comments could include a question about their flipgird, a connection between stories, or a specific compliment.

Use the tutorial linked below to see how to add video comments!

Details regarding tomorrow!

Dear Parents, 

I hope this email finds you happy and healthy. Tomorrow begins the start of our online distance learning. Google Classroom will be the platform I will use to communicate with students. We use this platform in class, and the students are very comfortable with it! Students can expect about 3 assignments, give or take, daily. I will post a daily checklist for students to keep track of daily assignments by 8am. When necessary, I have added mini-lesson video recordings to help guide learning. Students should be checking our homeroom Google Classroom daily, as well as Mrs. Metti’s Science Google Classroom. She will be posting 1-2 assignments weekly.

If your student is in Mr. Freymuth’s class, they will need to check his Google Classroom daily as well, as he will have separate math assignments posted. 

The assignments posted will be self-paced. Depending on your schedule at home, your student can login whenever, and complete the assignments by the due date at your own pace.  Each assignment will have a due date posted. Most assignments will be due the next day by 8am. Your student will not need to login at a certain time unless I have mentioned otherwise. Teachers and administration are working towards hosting “Zoom Live Conferences” so we can facilitate discussions with our classes at a scheduled time. When we have a Zoom conference, I will give students a heads up. 

If an assignment is a workbook assignment, students will complete the assignment in the workbook. If the assignment can be submitted virtually such as GoogleDocs, GoogleSlides, Flipgrid, etc., students will submit the assignment via Google Classroom. Regarding math and vocab, I will be sending answer keys via email so the students can self check their own work AFTER they complete the workbook page. For now, I will not be officially scoring assignments per instructions from our administration. However, I will be giving daily feedback, clarification, and will be monitoring comprehension to ensure success during this time. Please let me know if this format is successful for your family. I am looking for any feedback possible, as this is new for all of us. Thanks for the flexibility. I look forward to a great week online!

Virtual Learning Experience- March 23rd

Hi Families, 
Beginning on March 23rd, your student will begin online learning. Our platform for virtual learning will be Google Classroom. Your child has used this platform many times and is very familiar with it. I will post daily checklists of assignments needed to be done, and what is expected for that day. Thank you for your flexibility at this time, and encouraging your student to check Google Classroom frequently.
Stay healthy and God bless you!!!!