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Extended Day Care (EDC)

Our Extended Day Care program promotes and supports the philosophy of Holy Family Regional School. We are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment to children in our Young Five kindergarten through eighth grade.  The EDC program follows the Holy Family Regional School calendar. 

  • EDC is offered in the morning at South Campus and in the afternoon at North Campus to assist our working parents.
  • North Campus students will ride the shuttle to North Campus for school in the morning.
  • South Campus students will ride the shuttle to the North Campus for afternoon care.
  • Afternoon EDC will not be offered on ½ days or days when students are not in school.
  • Morning EDC will be offered on ½ days of school.
  • A $50 registration fee per family will be assessed annually.
  • Fees will be paid in advance on monthly basis.

Rates for the 2021-2022 School Year:

Morning Care - South Campus                                                  Afternoon Care - North Campus
7:00am-8:20am                                                                             3:45pm-6:00pm
$8 per day 1st child                                                                      $11 per day 1st child
$7 per day 2nd child                                                                     $10 per day 2nd child
$4 per day 3rd child                                                                      $7 per day 3rd child
If you have questions, please contact our EDC Program Directors:
Mrs. Janet Ferrett (North Campus) -
Mrs. Holly Wagner (South Campus) -