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“Peace Begins With Me, Let Christ’s Light Shine” Featured Photo

“Peace Begins With Me, Let Christ’s Light Shine”

Our theme this year will focus on fairness, compassion, empathy, and justice. We will strive to form our minds into becoming Peacemakers who have order, who are content, optimistic, caring, loving and who look out for others. A Peacemaker will work through conflicts and not just talk about them. They will seek out people who can help make a difference and who will cooperatively work together to be part of the solution. Peacemakers make a positive difference in nonjudgmental ways that help build up others. Anger and mean-spirited behaviors are never part of a Peacemakers way. Peacemakers are friendly, helpful, and bring people together. They can see and understand the bigger picture around them. All of us at every age need to reflect on how we act to make sure we are capable of being a Peacemaker. First and foremost, we are people of God. We are his people who hold His light within us. We are commissioned to spread His Word and love.
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Date: 8/31/2018
Location: Both North Campus & South Campus
Aug 31
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The Students of the Year are recognized for outstanding performance in academics, high motivation, leadership qualities, positive attitudes, service and school spirit, recommended by their teachers and endorsed by their principals. Congratulations to the Students of the Year of the Class of 2018: Riley Condon and Christopher Galle.
Class of 2018 Students of the Year