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The Holy Family Regional School Curriculum Guide is a document which is reviewed and revised on a yearly basis. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Curriculum Council, our school curriculum is updated by subject area on a six-year cycle. This allows the Curriculum Council an opportunity to thoroughly investigate and study each subject area-- aligning the curriculum to local and national standards and benchmarks. The cyclical subject area reviews allow for updates to textbooks and grade level resources which enable student access to current and motivating educational tools.

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Grading Scale:

Holy Family Regional School uses the standardized recommended grading scale from the Archdiocese of Detroit for Grades K-8.

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Young 5 Program:

The Holy Family Young 5 Program allows us the opportunity to offer parents the option for a year of spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical experiences for their child prior to the year they will enter Kindergarten.

The program is taught by a fully-certified early childhood teacher. A teacher assistant is present in the classroom.

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Special Services and Counseling:

At Holy Family Regional School, our Special Services TEAM includes administrators, teachers, specialists, and a school counselor.  The Special Service TEAM incorporates a positive school-wide identification and intervention process for our young 5 through eighth grade students.

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Talent Development:

The Department of Talent Development provides enrichment programs for students identified as gifted and talented.

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